Biff Bam Pop! Presents Actor Trading Cards: Henry Cavill


Born: May 5, 1983 in Jersey, Channel Islands (United Kingdom)
Height: 6’1

Personal Quote:

“Bond would be wonderful to play one day. I wouldn’t play the same kind of character as Daniel Craig, but hopefully I can do something that will do justice to the legacy.”

Did You Know?

In 2005, Cavill became a contender for the role of James Bond in Casino Royale, and performed in a final screen test. However, the producers believed Henry was too young for the role, and gave it to Daniel Craig.


Henry Cavill had a lot of ‘almosts’ early in his career, coming in as the runner-up for roles like James Bond, “Edward” in the Twilight saga, and Superman (for the 2004/2005 reboot).  Cavill’s star, however, was destined to rise as he is now one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood (and the planet if you follow geek culture).

While Cavill is mostly known for his role as ‘the guy wearing the red cape’, he’s gradually adding other credits to his filmography including his fantastic turn in the highly underrated The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and his upcoming role in what looks to be the most exciting Mission Impossible entry yet.  Keep an eye on Cavill; he’s going to be a fixture in Hollywood for a very long time.


Best Known For:  The Count of Monte Cristo (“Albert Mondego”), Stardust (“Humphrey”), The Tudors TV Series (“Charles Brandon”), Immortals (“Theseus”), the DC Extended Universe (“Superman” / “Clark Kent”), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (“Solo”)

Breakout Role:  Immortals

Next Project to Look Out for: Mission: Impossible – Fallout (In theaters July 27)

Most Famous Role: I feel confident this is one is unanimous. While Cavill’s role as the ‘Man of Steel’ has had its ups and downs so far in the DCEU (now ‘World of DC), most fans agree that this is more due to writing and directing than it is Cavill’s performance. I’m looking forward to the new direction DC is heading with its heroes and hopefully a version of Superman where Cavill has the opportunity to add a little more personality to his character.


Winner for Best Hero (MTV Movie Awards) in 2014 for Man of Steel


Wanna catch up with a few Henry Cavill flicks on your favorite streaming services?

Whatever Works
The Tudors

Amazon Prime
I Capture the Castle

Justice League


Here’s a great mash-up of some of Cavill’s funniest moments behind the scenes, giving interviews, and hanging out with various tv personalities. Get to know Henry Cavill – he’s an extremely likable fellow!

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