Introducing the ‘Winona Forever’ Podcast

Today our friend and frequent Biff Bam Pop! contributor Lindsay Gibb launches the Winona Forever podcast alongside Rekha Tulsiram. It focuses on, who else, but Winona Ryder. I asked Lindsay to share some information about it, which you can read below.

After my Nicolas Cage book came out I was invited onto a few episodes of the Nicolas Cage themed podcast #CageClub — hosted by Joey Lewandowski and Mike Manzi— for obvious reasons. Then I started appearing on their follow-up podcast, #KeanuClub (about Keanu Reeves), and I guess I got into talking about movies and actors rather than just heavily researching and writing about them.

I’ve always had an affinity for Winona Ryder because, in my teens, people used to constantly tell me I looked like her. So I think I identified with her because of our physical resemblance. Plus, I liked enough of her films to enjoy the comparison.

Rekha Tulsiram is someone I know peripherally through Broken Pencil magazine, but I knew enough about her to know that she was in love with Winona. After about a year of watching her post about Winona on Facebook, I decided to finally ask her to start a podcast. I only asked her last November, and it snowballed fairly quickly from there. The podcast is hosted on Joey and Mike’s network, and new episodes will come out every other Wednesday (#WinonaWednesday).

We’re going to talk about one movie per episode, running chronologically through her career. So we started with Lucas, a 1980s teen movie that she has only a small role in, but we still have a fair amount to say about it.

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