The Librarians S04 EP12: And the Echoes of Memory

In this episode of The Librarians, you will never look at your toaster the same way again. It’s the Season 4 finale, The Librarians and the Echoes of Memory. 


The Librarians, including Flynn, and Guardian Eve, find themselves in an alternate reality, where The Library has never existed.

Without the knowledge and imagination that The Library holds, the world is drab and colorless. People go about their everyday existence, in a dull, zombie-like state. Curiosity is discouraged and those who don’t conform are hospitalized, medicated, or “reset.”


Even if the smallest memory of The Library exists, it has a chance of returning. Flynn, Eve, and the other Librarians, must fight to remember, while the vengeful Nicole tries her hardest to make them forget, thus destroying The Library once and for all.

Chandelier Swinging

I feel bad that I doubted Flynn this season. As it turned out, he decided once and for all that he loved The Library and he loved Eve. He didn’t run away. He was knocked in the noggin and kidnapped by Nicole.

The scene between Flynn and Eve in the common area of the mental health facility was an exceptional piece of acting,writing, and directing.


Eve’s innocence and sweetness was heartwarming. Flynn’s antics were hilarious. It was what you want television to be.

Of course, the night of Fleve didn’t stop there. Next there was the magical kiss that allowed Eve and Flynn to manifest The Library, until they were interrupted by Nicole.

Finally we found out who tethered to The Library: Flynn and Eve, as it should be.

There has to be a fifth season, because I need to see Eve Baird’s journey, dealing with her new immortality.

I know she’s mentioned her grandmother and mother, but I don’t remember if they are still living, or if she maintains contact with them. If they are a presence in her life, does she tell them? If so, how do you have that conversation,

“Hi Mom, so I’m immortal now…”

Breaking Bad

Although Nicole’s evil knows no bounds, you’ve got to give it to a lady for being persistent, and following through with a plan. Her revenge scheme was elaborate. Setting up an entire alternate reality takes a lot of work. I wondered however what would have happened if Nicole achieved her goal. This revenge plan has fueled her for 500 years. She’s immortal, so after she destroyed The Library, what would she do for the next 500 years?


We’ll never know just how bad Nicole could be post Library destruction, because Flynn figured out how to break Nicole’s bad with the Toaster of Albuquerque.

I really need to see the Breaking Bad bonus episode where Walter White’s actions lead to the creation of the Toaster of Albuquerque.

It didn’t take much for Nicole to vow eternal revenge on The Library. It merely took a guy who didn’t come after her, so I guess it makes sense that it didn’t take much for her to nix her “destroy The Library” plan. All it took was a few minutes of Flynn showing up. I guess it’s the thought that counts. She was just happy he didn’t fully abandon her, but I’d probably hold at least a slight grudge that Flynn didn’t show up to take me back with him. She does get to be immortal though, so I guess that’s an okay trade off.

Not Dead

Of course, the best part of the episode was a not-dead, immortal, Jenkins. There was a nice fake out for a minute, when Jenkins didn’t make a sudden appearance, and I was super worried, but it made his eventual reveal even more satisfying.


I was cheering on my sofa, overjoyed that my favorite character was not killed off the show.

The sign of a great show is that it elicits all of the feels, and the season finale of The Librarians certainly did that.

The End, but Hopefully Not the End

This was an amazing season. We got to spend time with a character from the past, Nicole. We got to watch Flynn fanboy over Darrington Dare. We met Ezekiel’s family, and witnessed Jenkins finding his squad, and bust out in sweet dance moves. Jake Stone fell in love, be it ever so briefly, and Cassandra got a solo mission.

This season was filled with countless moments of goodness. We laughed, we cried, and we raged at Nicole. Things got dark, but never too dark, which is what makes the show so watchable. It’s brilliant. So why are we left biting our nails, waiting to see what TNT decides to do? I thought they were just waiting until the season ended to give us the good news that there will be a Season 5, but there is no news yet. Hopefully we witnessed the season’s end and not the series end of The Librarians.

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  1. It’s sad knowing that this does appear to have been in fact the end of The Librarians. A fun family show which had no right being as good as it was for how little press and consideration it got. Thank you for the reviews. They’re the best Librarians reviews on the internet.

    I’m glad the finale for season four was able to work so well as a series finale. No cliffhangers or big unanswered questions, the fine folks working on the show brought it home and give it a stirring, fitting end. Long live the Library!

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