The Princess reviews Max 2: White House Hero

This past week, the Princess and I sat down to watch a new film from our friends at Warner Brothers called Max 2: White House Hero. The star is a dog, so you’d figure that this would be a guaranteed charmer for the kids, but what about me?

Truth be told, I’m not the target audience for this film, but I did appreciate the appearance of Lochlyn Munro from the CW’s Riverdale as President of the United States. In the film, the new first family, including young son TJ (Zane Austin) welcomes the Russian President and his daughter (Francesca Capaldi) to the White House for some serious arms discussions. Someone is out to put a stop to the talks, and its up to White House canine agent Max to protect the kids and save the day.

While adults will find Max 2: White House Hero pretty predictable (and there’s no need to see the first one to follow along, by the way), the Princess actually wound up enjoying the film quite a bit.

“I liked it!,” she said when I asked her what she thought.

“Oh yeah, how come?”

“It’s fun. And Max is a cool dog. And it’s funny!”

“What was your favourite part?” I asked when the movie was over.

“The ending,” the Princess exclaimed. The finale found a chase to capture the rogues who were fighting against the peace process, with Max of course heading the charge. “It was really cool!”

“Would you tell other kids to watch Max 2?”

After a moments thought, my nearly seven-year old Princess responded, “Yes, just if they’re older than four.”

Max 2: White House Hero is out on Blu-ray now.



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