American Politics Are Out Of This World In ‘Saucer State #1’ On The Wednesday Run

I would have thought we’d have heard something “official” about alien encounters by now.

And by “official” I mean something on social media – from the sitting President of the United States. If anyone were to read government classified material and leak it at 2 a.m. via Twitter, it would be Trump, don’t you think?

But that hasn’t happened. Yet.

Maybe he’s been too busy hiring and firing.

Maybe he’s been too busy with his own office shenanigans.

Then again, maybe that classified material we all think exists – doesn’t after all. And what a major disappointment that would be.

Still, while waiting for that late-night tweet, there’s a government-alien-conspiracy comic book we should all be reading…and the first issue of a brand new volume drops today with Saucer State #1!

Saucer State #1

Written By: Paul Cornell

Illustrated By: Ryan Kelly

Published by: IDW

Saucer State.

Sound familiar?

Saucer County was a series published by Vertigo Comics between the springs of 2012 and 2013. Created, written and illustrated by Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Captain Britain and MI: 13, Action Comics, Demon Knights) and Ryan Kelly (Local, Lucifer, Northlanders), lasted only 14 issues but it told the story of Arcadia Alvarado – the governor of New Mexico and primary Democratic candidate for the President of the United States.

Arcadia, however, was abducted by a U.F.O. – and Saucer County served to tell that mysterious story, utilizing her staff and position to uncover the truth of her experience.

Saucer County was nominated or a Hugo Award. But with an untimely cancellation, that story wasn’t told to its logical end.

Now, three years later, Cornell and Kelly are back to finish what they started, albeit at a new publisher, IDW.

Saucer State is a great jumping on point for both old and new readers. As a six-issue miniseries, it takes place in present day, with Arcadia now the sitting President of the United States. And with more power comes the opportunity for more, deeper, answers – and this President is willing to break everything in order to get them!

Saucer State is a timely science fiction by way of real life political thriller. Make the run to your local comic book shop today and experience answers that will resonate into the twitterverse at 2 AM!

Fly off with Saucer State #1 and see you on Twitter when the truth really drops!

Any day now, right?

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