31 Days of Horror 2016: American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare “Chapter Five”


On the last episode of American Horror Story Shelby and Matt were able to save Flora while Cricket was being disemboweled by the Butcher. While I’m enjoying the documentary style of storytelling for this season, a lot of my friends do not. Maybe tonight’s episode will change their minds.

Edward Philippe Mott

Finally, we get to see Evan Peters and he plays the part of Edward Philippe Mott, the patriarch of the batty Mott bloodline. I feel like I’ve watched Evan grow up on the series and when he’s in a scene, I know that the night will not be dull. Will Evan Peters’ presence be able to stem the desertion of many fans that find it hard to understand the way season six is being presented? I hope so, but we’ll talk more about this at the conclusion of the review.

The tale is told by a historian in documentary form to the television crew, but the tale though very interesting, seems rushed. Edward was a rich dandy, but although married and a father, Mott preferred the caress of his male servant, Guinness. When you dally with the forbidden, it’s best to do it away from society. Edward was a lover of fine art, but it wasn’t only his huge and costly collection that he took to Roanoke.


We learn that Edward had the house built by Shakers. This makes sense especially because Mott was from Philadelphia and the elite of colonial Philadelphians were Shakers. We watch as Edward has an underground tunnel built to hide his precious art in case of robbery, but it isn’t long after he is settled in the house that he built on cursed land that things start to go wrong. When Edward’s beloved art is destroyed by The Butcher’s minions, he goes crazy and locks all his servants down in the tunnel. That night, he meets his own end at the hands of the Roanoke Butcher.


The historian continues the tale with Guinness being blamed for Mott’s murder and the death of the people forgotten in the tunnel. The historian does say that the last Mott died in 1952. Do you remember Freak Show? The fans of AHS have already connected the dots or should I say the five chapters which correspond to the five seasons of AHS. Is Mott a reflection of Mr. March from Hotel? I’d say yes. We are quickly thrown back into present time with Shelby explaining what happened after they had snatched Flora away from Thomasin White.

Polk’s Farm

Bringing back memories of such films as Chainsaw Massacre and the 1980 film, Hotel Hell where hillbilly inbred families harass the unsuspecting traveler; Shelby, Matt and Flora are saved from some freaky monkey woman by the ghost of Edward Mott. We never learn who or what the creature is that tried to snatch Flora from the Millers, but according to Mott, the victims of Thomasin are forced to carry out her reprehensible commands. If we thought Mott a rich and cruel man when alive, we see that he is now trying to amend his ways. The Millers are set free in the woods, but are soon captured by those pesky Polks and taken to the pig farm where they find Elias, alive but missing a few body parts.


Mama Polk, looking more like a raggedy version of the Coven witch, Myrtle Snow is played by the amazing Frances Conroy. The Polk family is not only cannibalistic, which shocks the Millers who watch Mama snacking on Elias, but Mama is pissed at the Millers because it was their fault that her babies are gone. Mama gets revenge through a deal made with Thomasin. On the way back to their home, Matt, Shelby and Flora are able to break free, but not for long.


Angela Bassett’s character was missing in action on last week’s episode, but we catch up on her interrogation by the police. She’s a cop and she knows the law. They can only hold her for forty-eight hours if they don’t have enough evidence to charge her for her husband’s murder. As soon as she’s set free, she gets a police officer to drive her back to the Miller’s home.


The one rule about documentaries is that the person telling the story to the camera is someone who survived the ordeal to tell the story. Since we’ve seen over the first five chapters Shelby, Matt and Lee telling their version of what happened at the home, we knew they had somehow survived their Roanoke Nightmare. That’s how documentaries are supposed to work, but in the rush to get to the finale in Chapter five, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth.

I felt that the last two episodes were rushed with characters that we liked getting killed off quickly. Shelby was in grave danger tonight when Mama Polk took an axe to her ankle. Things really looked bad for Flora when Mr. Piggy was ready to throw her into the bonfire, but Lee without the help of the police, used her car as a weapon. Ambrose finally found the nerve to stand up to Thomasin by throwing her into the flames giving Edward Mott a chance to cut the ropes around Shelby’s wrist.


The Millers were able to escape along with Flora and Lee. They are safe, or so we’re led to believe. Shelby speaks to the camera and says that she still has nightmares. We are left wondering if we were made the brunt of a bad joke. Is this it? What happens next week? Who will be the next victim of My Roanoke Nightmare?

From the previews, it looks like a new story is taking place with Cheyenne Jackson at the helm. Is he conducting a ghost investigation? I hope so because I’m having a hard time convincing my friends to stick with the show even if I’m not about to give up on AHS. I am curious as to where “Chapter Six” will take us. Are you?

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