American Horror Story: Coven S03 E13: The Seven Wonders

the seven wonders ep 13

In baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out! On last week’s episode; we lost three main characters; one to an ax and the other two got a one way ticket to hell. The game is on to pick the next Supreme and we’re at the bottom of the ninth. Which of Miss Robichaux’s students will make a home run as the new Supreme? Pass the peanuts and Cracker Jack and meet me after the jump.

The Test

The fabulous Stevie Nicks sets the mood for the season finale with a song as the girls prepare for the test. Myrtle prepares dinner for her Apostles. I kid you not; the dinner is a kick ass take on Da Vinci‘s “The Last Supper.” I love the writers on this show. Nothing is sacred.

last meal ep 13

All four girls make it to first base with the test of telekinesis, but then things start to fall apart. Misty was unable to return after she left her body. I can’t believe Misty is gone. Damn! And to make it worse, she’s forever stuck in high school biology class dissecting frogs. Zoe is next to fail when she impales herself of the iron fence outside the house. What? I was not expecting that. One minute she’s running and laughing and the next minute; she’s a shish kabob.


Madison refuses to bring back Zoe. I can’t believe she wouldn’t save her. Everyone is upset, but Myrtle talks Cordelia into taking the tests. I loved when Cordelia used her powers to make Queenie dance, but Madison is acting so like a spoiled brat. When she realizes that she has to compete against Cordelia, she quits and starts packing. She’s heading back to Hollywood where the normal people are. I love the tongue in cheek humor that is written into the script by the writers. While Cordelia brings Zoe back to life, an angry Kyle takes Madison’s.

The Supreme

So, my little witchypoos, Cordelia was the Supreme all this time. I’m not sure if I’m happy, but when you think about it; she was the VIP of the team. Cordelia celebrates her home run victory, with interviews on television. The time of the witch is here Cordelia explains to the reporter. “We can’t help being witches. It’s in our genes.”

Cordelia ep 13

The school is open and the line of new students stretches around the corner. Queenie and Zoe will be her assistants and her council. Kyle will take Spalding’s place as the butler. But, there are still two problems sitting in the bullpen that need attending.

Conclusion and Big Spoiler Alert

Myrtle has to die, again; burn at the stake, again. The explanation for her death made no sense. Fiona’s alive, but looking very dead; the cancer robbing her of all her hair, good looks and sarcasm. Fiona faked her death with the Axeman to trick Cordelia. They rushed through the scene of how this ruse worked. A few scenes were rushed through and that’s a big shame. Don’t tease and then not deliver.

Mother and daughter finally have that talk and bare their souls. Did Fiona ever love her daughter? Does it matter now when Fiona is so close to death? Fiona dies in Cordelia’s arms and finds herself in a hell of her own making. She and the Axeman are living on that little farm they always talked about, but Papa Legba is also there.

Kyle & Zoe ep 13

There were a few unanswered questions, but the biggest one is what happened to that baby that Spalding was playing with? Nothing is mentioned about the child. Why? The show didn’t end with the big fireworks I was expecting, but the good news is our two star crossed lovers are together. Kyle and Zoe are the real winners in this baseball game. I’m really going to miss our three queen bees of horror, Madams Lange, Bates and Bassett. They made this season a true pleasure to watch and review for all you Biff Bam Pop! followers. See you next season.

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