31 Days of Horror 2016: The Exorcist S01 E03: “Let ‘Em In”


So much happened on last week’s episode of The Exorcist. Casey’s demon shows itself only to her in the form of an older man. Father Marcus crashes Father Tomas’s happy home and he realizes that there is more than one demon at work in the neighborhood. Pope Sebastian will soon pay a visit, and Angela has a hand in the preparations. Did this week’s show keep up the pace?

The latest installment begins five months earlier, with the accident that killed Kat’s friend and left her knee injured, preventing her from returning to dancing. Kat is driving, her friend Julia her passenger. Julia confesses that she has a romantic interest in Kat. They’re deep in conversation on the subject when Kat swerves to miss someone in the road and crashes the car.

Back to the present, Father Bennett arrives ahead of the papal visit and is greeted by Angela. He’s in town to participate in the preparations for Pope Sebastian’s security. While that may be true, he has unfinished business with Father Marcus.

Henry goes to church and asks Father Tomas if he is in agreement with Angela. Is Casey possessed? The men know something is not right with her. The cause of Henry’s brain injury is finally revealed—he was hit by scaffolding. So he wasn’t hurt in an altercation with his demon-possessed daughter, like I first thought. For some reason I think that’s too simple an explanation. I noticed men on scaffolding working in the church, could Henry’s accident have happened there?

Casey is shopping with her sister for a dress to wear to Julia’s memorial service. Casey expresses some heartfelt sisterly words to her big sister, who doesn’t really respond to them and blows her off. Kat thinks the conservative outfit Casey chose is fine, and hurries her along. Casey’s demon appears, and convinces the impressionable girl to steal an inappropriate, pricey dress for just the occasion. The devil made me do it, right?


Meanwhile, church officials meet to discuss the pope’s upcoming trip. Father Bennett insults Father Tomas by insinuating that his parish is depleted, i.e. poor, and as such poses a security threat to the pontiff. Tomas takes exception to the fact that his holiness will only spend a couple hours in his area. He maintains that while their purses may be empty, their hearts are full. Their meeting is interrupted by screams from outside. They rush to the window only to see a man on fire collapse on the pavement.

Casey meets with Father Tomas, with Father Marcus observing their interactions. Marcus takes over the questioning when the young priest asks the girl to move a pen with her mind. Marcus taunts Casey, accusing her of harboring resentment against her older sister for tearing the family apart because of her car accident. He tells her she is just a weak tomboy, a doormat, invisible to everyone compared to Kat. This irritates the demon and makes it bubble to the surface to face the priests. It turns out this demon knows about Gabriel, the boy in Mexico City, but as Marcus feared, this is a different demon. Tomas freaked out a bit as Marcus thought he would, but he was able to record some evidence of the possession.

Marcus and Tomas present their recording to Father Bennett and the bishop. Neither believe their evidence proves anything. They again broach the subject of exorcism, but the church officials are quick to move against that topic. With the pope’s visit looming, the last thing they need is these two bringing up a controversial practice. To get one troublesome priest out of the picture, Bennett presents Marcus with excommunication papers, listing his various infractions influencing the church’s decision to take such action.

Later, Tomas finds a drunk, defeated Marcus sitting in the last pew of the church. Marcus insists that the young priest collect further evidence when the demon fully manifests itself and again approach church officials with irrefutable proof. Tomas feels for Marcus, and won’t give up on the family.


The Rance girls attend Julia’s backstage memorial before a dance recital. Remember how demons take their knowledge of you to use against you later? That’s just what Casey did when she decided to tell the entire dance troupe that her sister and Julia were more than just friends, after chugging some whiskey meant for Julia’s mourners. Kat was mortified as she dragged her sister away.

Meanwhile, Father Marcus is knocking on the Rance door, still reeling from his dismissal, when Father Bennett rolls up. They’re riding in Bennett’s car when he tells the fallen priest about the man he saw on fire, adding to his belief that the pope shouldn’t be coming to the area. He hands Marcus an envelope containing bus tickets to Florida.

The Rance Family is seated at the recital when Casey abruptly leaves, with Henry following. The two of them are on the train when the worried father tries to comfort his daughter. Unfortunately, Henry goes out of it again, unable to come to his little girl’s defense when she is being harassed and groped by a complete jackass on the train. Not to worry, her demon’s got this. He takes control of Casey, even disabling the phones of the idiotic people attempting to record the spectacle. When her revenge is over, Henry sees Casey standing above what’s left of her abuser, a pool of blood at her feet, and splatter on the train’s ceiling. An ad touting the pope’s visit can be seen inside the train.

Just as I was beginning to think this episode was a bit slow, the dramatic ending made it all worthwhile, and it left me wanting more. Mrs. Walters gave Father Tomas a large check for St. Anthony’s. Was it given out of charity, or does it have a string attached? What awaits Marcus in Florida, assuming he goes through with the trip? Will Casey face any consequences as a result of the train incident? I can’t wait to find out what happens.

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  1. Loretta, I am enjoying this show and your reviews. It would be interesting to compare The Exorcist with Outcast to see where the creators are taking us.

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