Their End Is Your Beginning In The Collected “The Omega Men: The End Is Here” On The Wednesday Run

The Omega Men-The End is Here coverBack in the early 1980s, when I first began reading comic books, I was immediately drawn to titles firmly based in the science fiction genre. Of course, that was right after the caped crusader, Batman, naturally.

Yep, comic books like Dredstar and Killraven and Star Trek were my monthly fancies. I even started picking up Epic Illustrated and Heavy Metal magazines. Somehow the comic book shops I frequented allowed those more mature titles to be purchased by a young-looking (but well-read and mature) kid.

One of the books I remember reading regularly and sharing and trading with like-minded pals was The Omega Men – a fantastic and exciting romp through DC Comics’ outer space universe, overflowing with wild characters, aliens and villainous despots. In 2015, as part of their short-lived DC You initiative, publisher DC Comics revived that series to critical acclaim, and more importantly, positive fan reaction.

In fact, fans saved the series from early termination.

Today sees the eagerly anticipated release of the entire series of The Omega Men: The End Is Here in a paperback compilation!

The Omega Men: The End Is Here TPB

Written by: Tom King

Illustrated by: Barnaby Bagenda, Toby Cypress, Ig Guara,  

Published by: DC Comics

A quick recap: The Omega Men are basically a bunch of revolutionaries, set to free the Vega Star System from the tyrannical control of the prevailing Citadelians. Think: Les Miserables (albeit more bloodthirsty, purveyors of slavery) set in space.

Now, I know what you might be saying: The Green Lanterns are DC’s galaxy-spanning police force. Why aren’t they involved in keeping peace and justice for the various planets and citizens that make up Vega?

Well, there’s an easy answer to that hard-hitting question: due to a space-faring agreement, Green Lanterns are not allowed in the Vega Star System. And so, injustice runs amok.

In an ominous debut defying convention, The Omega Men begins with the capture and execution of Green Lantern Corps member Kyle Raynor and the group of would-be freedom fighters are quickly branded galactic terrorists and hunted for execution!

Writer Tom King used the 12-issue The Omega Men monthly series to explore ideas of politics, radicalization, terrorism and their inherent relationship to the ideas of revolution and freedom fighting. It was certainly a story outside the norm and due to low sales, suffered an early cancellation before the entire tale could be told, with issue #6.

But in a revolution all of its own, fan groundswell brought about change and DC Comics editorial reversed their decision to prematurely cancel The Omega Men, allowing King and series illustrator Barnaby Bagenda to complete their story with another six installments!

Running a full twelve issues, The Omega Men: The End is Here has now been compiled as a complete series. Tom King, meanwhile, has quickly become one of DC’s great new voices. Not only has he been given the immense responsibility of writing Batman in the monthly flagship title, but he’s also been writing the critically acclaimed The Sheriff of Babylon for Vertigo Comics and the much-loved The Vision for Marvel Comics.

Make the run to your local comic book shop and see what Tom King has done with fanaticism and sci-fi, and pick up The Omega Men: The End is Here, today!

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