Amanda Blue’s “Call and Response” to the Season Finale of Preacher

That’s it. The first season of Preacher is a wrap. Thank God. Or… thank an imposter posing as God?


We finally learn the Carlos tale and get a glimpse into Jesse and Tulip’s criminal past. I could sense the writers’ attempt to bring the graphic novels’ filthy sense of humour to the screen, and though I give them an “E for Effort” and all that, it just didn’t quite work. Jesse chasing Tulip around the back of a bank with a—I don’t even want to say what—was certainly in character, but awkward to see in this format for some reason. These characters aren’t those characters and I found the entire scene painful to watch. But at least Carlos got what he (apparently) deserved.


The show, very late in the game, hit some major plot points in the finale, including God being missing and Annville being wiped off the map. Made me wonder what the point of the Annville characters was, especially since several of them weren’t even supposed to be in that town in the first place. I guess this means we won’t get to see Odin’s meaty girlfriend after all.



Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy finally sit around a table in a diner and decide to track down God and hold him responsible for abandoning his creation, while Jesse is unknowingly being stalked by The Saint. Though there’s so much more to come later in the series that I would love to see on film, I’m on the fence about watching the second season. I felt more disappointed than exhilarated the entire time, which might be OK if it were anything but one of my most beloved series of all time. It could’ve been worse, sure, but it could’ve been  a hell of a lot better. Oh well. At least I have an excuse for a reread, to cleanse my Preacher palate.






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