Three new movies look to take down Captain America: Civil War this weekend

One more weekend before the next big summer movie hits, but will it be clear sailing for Captain America: Civil War or will any newcomers manager to knock it off its perch? Here’s our prediction:


It’s been a while since families have been served with a new film, and The Angry Birds Movie is looking to fill that void, and should have no problem doing so. The mobile video game franchise has incredible recognition around the world, but it will have to brave some poor reviews as it looks to take down the First Avenger. Look for a second place debut with $40 million.

Also new this week is Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and The Nice Guys, two comedies that will wind up doing battle with one another for the same audience. With Seth Rogen and Zac Efron back for another go around, Neighbors 2 definitely has the upper hand and should debut in third place with $38 million. Neither Russell Crowe or Ryan Gosling can open a movie, so The Nice Guys is going to have to rely on its fantastic reviews to bring in an audience. Look for a fourth place debut with $18.5 million.

As for the rest of the top five, Captain America: Civil War will hold onto the number one spot with $43 million, while Disney’s The Jungle Book will close things out in fifth place with $9 million.

So, to recap, here are our predictions:

1) Captain America: Civil War – $43 million
2) The Angry Birds Movie – $40 million
3) Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – $38 million
4) The Nice Guys – $18.5 million
5) Disney’s The Jungle Book – $9 million

Be sure to check back on Sunday to see how the weekend turns out!

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