Penny Dreadful S03 E02: Predators Far and Near


On last week’s episode of “Penny Dreadful” the good Dr. Seward told Vanessa to do something different, which led to Vanessa meeting the delightful Dr. Sweet, but dark forces follow Vanessa’s every move while Inspector Rusk hunts for God’s wolf. Has Ethan found help from an old foe? We must enter dark portals to find the answers, my little pennies.


How can such a beautiful man be so ugly inside? I love the character of Dorian played so sensually by Reeve Carney, but we need to remember that he stays young by sacrificing others to his portrait. We follow Dorian and Lily to an event that is certainly not publicized for it would surely bring the police. It is a den of torture and the room is filled with the wealthy men of London. These men are bored with their day to day lives, wives and businesses and partake in a game of slaughter where they pay to watch young girls beaten to their death by a masked man. The chains and instruments of torture guarantee the event will be long and painful… and yet… these wicked men drool in anticipation.


We know that Victor’s female monster has a taste for revenge, but was she there to watch a child slaughtered like a lamb? Before the torturer can lay a scratch on the girl’s naked body, Dorian and Lily killed everyone in the room and take the girl home.

Talbot’s Range

The outlaws in the old west are photographed in their coffins before they are put to rest. This practice was used to advertise what happened when the law of the land was broken and to also bring a name to the town, making future settlers feel safe if they lived in a town that had a Sheriff and Federal Marshall. Rusk is there and he refuses the Marshall’s request for him to return home. Rusk is like a British hound. He will not quit until he sees Ethan hang. Rusk goes as far as to trump the federal law with the British Throne’s power. But, this conversation is overheard by Hecate and she has her own plans for Ethan. There are two others that are interested in Ethan’s fate and they sail the high seas.

Dr. Seward

Vanessa has arrived for her appointment with Dr. Seward. She wears gloves to cover the scratches, but while she waits Renfield asks for forms to be filled out. We know that Renfield works for Dracula, but what keeps Renfield honor bound to this monster?


Vanessa is uncomfortable to have her session with Seward recorded, but Dr. Seward guarantees that she is the only one that listens to them. “Have you sinned? Dr. Seward was not shaken by Vanessa’s warning that the good doctor might never sleep soundly again after hearing Vanessa’s darkest secrets… but she will think differently once the session is done. And, has Dr. Seward’s suggestion to Vanessa to have fun put our little scorpion in danger?


Malcolm and Kaetenay are heading to America as Malcolm states in his letter to Vanessa. But the hunting trip that Malcolm says he’s going on is really a trip to find Ethan. There is bad blood between Kaetenay and Ethan and yet, Kaetenay wants to save Ethan. Kaetenay tells Malcolm how he met Ethan. Did Ethan kill Kaetenay’s people as a soldier, or when he was a wolf?

Episode 302

The crimes committed by the white man against the Native Indians were horrific, but the crimes still continue today. Instead of rifles and blankets tainted with small pox, we use laws tainted with prejudice. Malcolm talks about his relationship with Vanessa that went from hate to love, but Kaetenay is not in the mood for forgiveness and has doomed Ethan by allowing him to live. We see this hate in the vision that is shared by Ethan and Kaetenay. Ethan now knows that Kaetenay is coming for him.

Dr. Jekyll

Victor Frankenstein wants Lily to return to him. Dr. Jekyll claims that his work at Bedlam begun because his noble father abandoned his mother. Jekyll is waiting for his father to die in order to inherit all his land and money. This is when we realize that Jekyll’s work is based on hate.


Jekyll’s mother died of leprosy becoming truly untouchable both in class and physically. Now he works in an asylum whose name is associated with inhumane medical treatment. Victor is horrified at how the patients are treated. Dr. Jekyll demonstration on one of the Bedlam unfortunates is startling.

Dr. Sweet

You can feel the heaviness lift from Vanessa as she partakes in the answer and questions of the lecture. She feels happy chatting with Dr. Sweet about topics of adventure with Captain Nemo and the heroics of St. Joan of Arc even though the handsome Dr. Sweet constantly forgets her name. After seeing an ad in the paper, Vanessa invites Dr. Sweet to the theater.


The creators and writers of this delightful series have taken the stories of the classics and given them new life. How else would we feel any pity for Victor, the man who has fallen in love with Lily, one of the monsters he had created while also forsaking poor Caliban. Victor watches a madman transform before his very eyes after Jekyll injects his potion. The man now speaks intelligently. Will this work on Lily even after she again sends him away.

Jekyll is possessed by his work. He believes that every person carries within themselves both a demon and an angel, but we must be careful when we tinker with our souls because we can’t control which entity will be released.

Episode 302

Dr. Sweet and Vanessa enjoy the prototype of cinema as the tale of Captain Nemo is shown on the screen. Vanessa is surprised when Dr. Sweet turns down an offer for coffee, but he does kiss her hand and assure her that he will never forget her name again. But as Vanessa makes her way home, Ethan speaks with the elderly Apache woman at the bar. The woman is one of Kaetenay’s people and she knows what will happen with a full moon.


One of the reasons that I enjoy “Penny Dreadful” so much is that the old tales still hold a surprise or two for us. We are constantly caught off guard by the well written script and the superb acting of the cast. As Ethan destroys his captors with the aid of Hecate, Renfield reports to Dracula. The bind between them is Dracula’s blood and the king of the vampires is no other than Dr. Sweet,

We can only hope, my little pennies, that God’s wolf will be able to save our scorpion from the undead. See you next week.

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