Fear the Walking Dead S02 E05: Captive


Holy High Sea Adventure! On last week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” the Abigail was boarded by pirates and now Travis and Alicia are prisoners of Connor. With no government in place, anarchy rules and Team Travis is left with two choices; run or fight. Does Alicia have a “get out of jail” card up her sleeve?


The fans of “The Walking Dead” know all about strong women like Ninja Carol, Michonne and Maggie, but as the characters of “Fear the Walking Dead” grow into their roles, one woman stands out as a leader and that’s Madison. She is the only one brave enough to stand toe to toe against Strand. I am dying to know about her past because I think we are dealing with a grizzly bear that has been awakened from the slumber of normal life and thrown into the world of “holy crap” and she wants her family back.


While Daniel tends to Reed and Strand is recuperating from his unscheduled swim, Madison decides to get her family back. She is mad at Strand for sending Nick on shore, but Strand might know Nick better than Maddy thinks she does. I am really enjoying the way Strand handles every problem like a negotiation. It’s all about one hand washing the other, biding your time and making the deal.


There is something scary about Daniel. He looks like a man who is familiar with torture. He knows how to get the boasting psychopathic Reed to talk, but makes the mistake of leaving Chris as lookout. While Daniel reports to Maddy, Reed heckles Chris. There is something going on inside Chris’s head.


He feels like an outsider now that his mom is dead. He likes killing walkers and has recently killed a person. Is Reed a mirror image of what Chris might become? Let’s hope that Nick can keep little brother under his wing because they will need Reed for a prisoner trade.


While Travis is locked up in storage, Alicia is treated to a steak dinner cooked personally by Connor. Alycia is under the impression that her family is safe and that she’ll actually get to eat that steak, but pregnant women need their protein and Connor is a pirate. When Alycia is left alone she goes looking for Travis and learns that the ship she’s on is a dry-docked tuna boat. Jack seems to care for her and they make plans to run away from it all. But, how did Connor find out about the Abigail.


Okay, it’s official. Alicia is not the cause of the Abigail’s attack by pirates. So, all those people who voted on last week’s “Talking Dead” are wrong. She may have alerted them that she existed via her short-wave radio BFF Jack but the blame goes to Strand and Travis. Alex is the type of girl that you don’t want to piss off. When Strand cut that rope and Travis did nothing to save her, it sealed the fate of poor Jake forcing Alex to kill him before he turned.

I really feel bad for Alex because this girl did everything right and she still got the short end of the stick. Travis had to admit that he failed her. He did. He had the chance to do the right thing and instead he kept quiet. Staying silent while terrible things are happening in front of you is a crime almost as bad and the act itself. Travis finally gets it.

Maddy Part 2

I can’t wait to learn her backstory because Madison is looking to be a kick-ass ninja in this show, which means that she will be like Carol, Maggie or Michonne. She takes control of a situation and doesn’t take gruff from anyone. She might know her son a lot better than we assumed because she wouldn’t let Nick do the prisoner exchange. Did she finally realize that Nick is not afraid of death?


Jesse McCartney did a great job of playing the psychopathic Reed on “FTWD” and there were no traces of a “Beautiful Soul” in Jesse’s portrayal of the younger brother of Connor. Tonight’s episode was centered on family. Reed admired his brother and even went as far as to brag to Daniel what Connor would do to them. But, it was just big talk from someone with a rod sticking out of his gut. Still, on Connor’s tuna boat, the people there thought of each other as family and even though they were pirates, they looked out for each other.


Madison, Nick, Alicia and Travis were family, but Chris was feeling left out and Jesse picked up on this and used it. I’m not sure why Chris was left to stand guard over Jesse. Why didn’t they have Nick or Ophelia do it? What I noticed after Chris shot Jesse was how Nick and Ophelia cleaned up the blood. They didn’t want Chris to deal with this. They were acting like family even though they were total strangers only a few days ago. Madison could have jumped down Chris’s throat after he killed Reed. Chris’s act had endangered her plans to get Travis and Alicia back. But, Madison is a mom and she talked to Chris the same way she would if it had been Nick who killed Reed.


Was Chris telling the truth? Did he shoot Reed because he was turning? We’ll need to wait for this to be revealed. Daniel comes up with a plan to save the day. Doesn’t he always? This guy has every ace up his sleeve. While Jack and Alicia make plans to escape, Madison takes Reed to Connor. The exchange is made and Reed gets to nibble on Connor and Alicia literally jumps ship leaving a stunned Jack behind.

I am now finding myself comparing the characters from “FTWD” to the characters on “TWD” and I am curious as to who you think Nick is most like? Let me know if he is more Glenn or Daryl?

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