Outlander S02 E05: Untimely Resurrection


Last week’s episode of Outlander saw Jamie and Claire’s dinner party end in a brawl. Were they successful in showing the Duke of Sandringham that Prince Charles’s cause was not worthy of funding?


Jamie returns to Jared’s the morning after the ill-fated dinner party. The melee participants were arrested and detained before Duverney arrived to demand everyone’s release. Only Alex Randall remained in prison, under suspicion of assaulting Mary Hawkins. Due to the scandal, he lost his position as the Duke of Sandringham’s secretary. Fortunately for Jamie, he believes that the duke sees Prince Charles in an unfavorable light, which was the main purpose of the dinner party. With any luck, Sandringham won’t contribute to Charles’s rebellion.

Upon hearing that St. Germain left the gathering with the prince, Jamie sends Murtagh to keep tabs on him, not certain if he is involved with Claire’s sudden illness and attack. Claire tells Jamie that the assailants called her La Dame Blanche (The White Lady), which is a mythical sorceress, or witch, in French folklore. Unsure why she was given that moniker, Jamie admits to her that during a night of drinking at one of his meetings at the brothel, he mentioned he was married to La Dame Blanche. He used this as a means to resist the charms of the working women. This leads to the theory that the attackers were patrons when Jamie was there for a meeting.



Murtagh has no news to report on St. Germain’s activities, but he did learn that there is a gang that frequents the brothel where Jamie meets to discuss the rebellion. To be initiated into the gang, a potential new member must deflower a virgin, which is why sweet Mary was violated. Murtagh will continue to tail St. Germain to see if he has any involvement with that particular gang. Jamie’s friend feels terrible guilt because he was unable to stop the men and their assault, and pledges vengeance to Jamie.

Claire checks on Mary, bringing medicine to help her heal. The young girl asks that she deliver her written message detailing the attack to the authorities. In it she tells them that Alex Randall is innocent of any wrongdoing. Sadly, now that her reputation is tarnished, Mary’s uncle wants her to leave Paris following her recovery. Her old, widower fiancé no longer wants to wed her, but she is determined to marry Alex Randall, which distresses Claire. If Mary doesn’t end up with Alex’s brother instead, what will become of Frank?

Charles visits Jamie to bring him good news. He is about to acquire 10,000 pounds toward the rebellion from Le Comte St. Germain. Jamie tells the prince it isn’t enough to raise an army, but Charles maintains that it is enough to get the process started. He also believes that Duverney will tell his king that the cause is worthy of contribution. The prince details a proposed business partnership involving Jamie and St. Germain, but Jamie has good reason to be wary of this idea.


Claire meets with Alex Randall after his release from the Bastille. She tells him she is concerned about Mary’s future. What kind of life can he offer her when securing a new position following the scandal may prove difficult? It’s no secret that he is chronically ill, would he want Mary to spend her youth caring for an unwell husband? Alex takes Claire’s message to heart, and out of his love for her, he intends to sever ties with his beloved Mary.

There is obvious tension at the meeting between Jamie and St. Germain. They do not hide their mutual dislike for each other. St. Germain reminds Jamie that Claire attempted to ruin him, while Jamie tells him he knows all about Claire’s illness and the attack she and her friends suffered. St. Germain can only look away when Jamie promises retribution, coldly telling the Scot he has no interest in his personal affairs.

On a lighter note in a show with high drama, Jamie presents Claire with a gift handed down through his family. His sister Jenny sent the silver spoons, one for each apostle. His wife loves the set, but is worried about what kind of mother she will be, but Jamie assures her they will face the challenge of raising their child together.

Claire accompanies Jamie, who is helping choose new horses for Sandringham’s stable. The duke remarks that from the dinner party, he feels Prince Charles is an “utter ass.” This pleases Jamie but he can’t show it, because he has to continue the illusion of endorsing the rebellion.

Claire is walking with Annalise when she is confronted by Jack Randall. They exchange some words when King Louis comes up behind them. The king proceeds to belittle Randall’s French accent and wardrobe, when Jamie joins the group. Randall is there to appeal to the king to reconsider his brother Alex’s position with Sandringham. The king tells him he will need to beg for any consideration. Randall falls to his knees to the delight of Claire and Jamie. The king laughs at him. The couple are excused by the king and take their leave. Jamie reverses course to confront Randall without Claire. He challenged his adversary to a duel, and Randall accepted. Frank’s future is again in jeopardy, assuming Jamie is the victor in the contest.

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Fearing for Frank and Jamie, Claire goes to the Bastille without her husband’s knowledge. She falsely tells the authorities that it was Jack Randall that attacked her and Mary the other night, the prison now providing him temporary sanctuary. Claire attempts to persuade Jamie to call off the duel. Not only will Frank’s future be safe, but dueling is illegal in France and, if caught, the consequences are severe. With a new baby on the way, she cannot afford to have Jamie rot in a French prison. She finally gets him to understand that if he kills Jack Randall, Frank won’t be born. Jamie is livid at the prospect, but he agrees to let Randall live for only another year.

Does St. Germain have any affiliation with the gang? Keeping Jack Randall alive for a year is causing a serious rift between Jamie and Claire. I can’t wait to see what the next episode brings.

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