Hang Ten With SILVER SURFER #1 On The Wednesday Run

Silver Surver #1 coverInterstellar highways, planet eaters, alien worlds, marauding villains, alternate dimensions, space, time, love, and the creation of the universe!

That’s what we got to see in the previous volume of the Silver Surfer comic book series, created with monthly energy and aplomb by fan-favourites, writer Dan Slott and illustrator, Mike Allred. It was one of this reader’s favored comics over the last year and a half.

But with the re-launch of the Marvel Universe following the epic Secret Wars story line, Silver Surfer, along with just about every other Marvel title, got a re-boot. And it’s a great thing for everyone involved!

Old readers get to pick up right where the Surfer left off – and new readers get to jump on the silver board affectionately called “Toomie”, and ride the wave to fun and excitement with each issue!

Follow me after the jump for the low-down on Silver Surfer #1!

Silver Surfer #1

Written by: Dan Slott

Illustrated by: Mike Allred

Published by: Marvel Comics

Look, most of the comic books published by the major companies today cater to an older demographic utilizing complex story lines that generally incorporate guns, violence and sexuality. Hey, that’s ok. That’s just fine.

But what about the younger generation of readers? What are they getting?

Marvel Comics has done a magnificent job over the last few years to bring action-oriented and wonderful comic books to kids. And I’d rank Silver Surfer as one of those comics that effortlessly bridges the gap between multiple age demographics. Not only is it a great read for a twelve year old kid, it’s also a great read for a thirty-five, fifty-five, or seventy-year old man or woman. If you love fun, sci-fi adventure stories told with brilliant visuals, than Silver Surfer is for you!

Silver Surfer #1 takes place right after the last issue (from last month) of Slott and Allred’s first crack at the character – 15 issues which just ended this past month.

Essentially, what you’re getting with this new #1 is the same as what you got previously. The story picks up right where issue #15 left off: on earth. The Silver Surfer has traveled, showcasing the reaches of the universe to his travel companion (and sort-of love interest) Dawn Greenwood. Now he’s going to show her all the magic, mystery and danger of her home world.

I’ve got to say, Dawn is one of the greatest new characters to exist within the larger comic book continuity of the Marvel Universe. It’s a testament to the writer-artist team of Slott and Allred to make readers care for her so much – as well as our titular hero. Within these pages, she’s the reader, being taken on a cosmic ride and, fairly regularly, taking the lead in the actual story. It’s truly wonderful stuff!

With this new first issue, we all get to discover where Slott and Allred will take us next. One thing is certain: as we race towards the Silver Surfer’s 50th Anniversary issue in a few months’ time, the ride is going to be a fantastic one!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Silver Surfer #1 for you, your kid and your grand-kid. Everyone should be riding this wave!

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