Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Family Game Night

Looking to spice up your family game night?  Check out these great games to gift the geeks in your life, after the break!


Ultimate Werewolf – proving it sometimes takes a village to make a great game night, Ultimate Werewolf is a card-based game that pits Villagers against Werewolves (and potentially other creatures of the night and their allies).  There’s various versions, ranging from  “One Night Ultimate Werewolf” which is a quick one-round session, to Deluxe Ultimate Werewolf which can include up to 75 players and includes a 24 page rulebook, plus expansion packs that add roles and artifacts to further spice u play.  All versions require a moderator, but there is a mobile app that can fill that role so everyone gets to play. (Bezier Games $24.99)



Mysterium – part logic puzzle, part psychological test, Mysterium is a little bit like Clue on LSD.  Played by 2 – 7 players, one player takes the role of “ghost,” while the others are mediums trying to solve a murder.  Each turn, the ghost communicates to the mediums via dreams, which are represented by cards illustrated with beautifully surreal artwork, and tries to convey who killed him, where the murder happened, and what weapon is used.  Players can work together or independently to solve the mystery. ( $49.99 Amazon)



Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – proving Marvel just doesn’t have their ink-stained fingers firmly in movies, television, and comics, this card game from Upper Deck pits players against a master villain.  Players select one of fifteen hero decks to start, “recruit” other hero cards or gain skills and powers (based on points allotted or each card), and try to prevent other players from advancing, all while defeating the master villain and his minions.  If the master villain succeeds, everyone loses.  There’s lots of strategy and decisions on what to play, which of your opponents to impact and when to take one for the team to prevent ultimate defeat. Expansion packs tied into Secret Wars, Dark City, and Guardians of the Galaxy;  as well as other universes, like Predator are available.  ($59.99 Amazon)



Trailer Park Wars – A hilarious, politically-incorrect, and unsuitable for polite company board game, Trailer Park Wars pits Park Managers against each other to build the best Trailer Park possible.  Everyone starts with twelve trailers and players proceed to add amenities, place tenants (good and bad) and rain disaster upon their opponents, all in an effort to gain the most pink flamingoes and win the game.  An expansion version, Terror in the Trailer Park came out in 2013 and includes tenants like Steve the Serial Killer and disasters like Zombie Chihuahuas. (Gut Busting Games, $29.99)


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