Actor Trading Cards: Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

Born: July 13, 1942 in Chicago, IL
Height: 6’1

Personal Quote:

“Han Solo is not a cardboard character to me at all. He’s as real as anything else. I never thought of the character as having only two dimensions until the critics said so. And they’re wrong. The third dimension is me.”

Did You Know?

Indiana Jones was voted the second greatest screen hero of all time by the American Film Institute.


I can’t imagine closing out 2015’s Actor Trading Card series with anyone other than the legendary Harrison Ford. His iconic portrayal of Han Solo helped pave the way for what’s sure to be the biggest box office hit of the year (and possibly EVER): Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ford has amassed one of the greatest collections of box office hits and mega movie franchises in the history of Hollywood, and is definitely in the conversation for ‘biggest’ movie star of all time (‘biggest’ = box office + popularity). Could the latest entry in one of the top grossing movie franchises of all time put him over the top? We’re about to find out!

Best Known For: Star Wars: Episodes IV, V & VI (‘Han Solo’), Indiana Jones Franchise (‘Indiana Jones’), Blade Runner (‘Rick Deckard’), Jack Ryan Franchise: Patriot Games, Clear & Present Danger (‘Jack Ryan’), The Fugitive (‘Dr. Richard Kimble’), Air Force One (‘President James Marshall’)

Breakout Role (according to the masses): Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Breakout Role (according to Leo Craven): Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
– I was actually born the same year Star Wars was released so I had to wait a few years…but eventually I caught up with the rest of the world!

Box Office Status: Living Legend

Next Project to Look Out for: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (In theaters December 18th…as if you didn’t already know!)

Most Famous Role: Instead of choosing only one of Ford’s roles, how about we feature 10 of his best instead?


Won Cecil B. DeMille Award (Golden Globe Awards) in 2002

Won Life Achievement Award (American Film Institute) in 2000

Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Academy Awards) in 1986 for “Witness


What’s better than showing a clip of Ford’s most famous scene from Air Force One? Showing a clip of Harrison Ford mocking Donald Trump that includes the famous line / scene from Air Force One!:


Neither of Ford’s two most famous roles (Han Solo and Indiana Jones) were offered to him first. Tom Selleck was the first choice to play Indiana Jones and Christopher Walken was the first choice to play Han Solo…so what would it have been like if Walken had played the most famous ‘scoundrel’ in the universe?


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