American Horror Story, Hotel S05 E09: She Wants Revenge


On last week’s episode of American Horror Story, it was revealed that John Lowe was the Ten Commandments Killer and, he learned everything from his mentor, Mr. March. Great acting on the part of Evan Peters as the dead Mr. March, but we still have a wedding to attend. The Countess is marrying Mr. Drake. Will there be a wedding cake? Find out after the jump.

Lily of the Valley

The Countess is very busy planning for her special day and she wants a special flower. While Drake is looking to make the news with this binding contract, the countess wants the wedding to be intimate. This marriage doesn’t stop her from jumping into bed with Donavan. I thought he was out to kill her, but Donavan is under a spell. He’s like a junkie looking for a fix and his fix is the Countess. This little trick in which a vampire can mesmerize you has been used in vampire stories since before Bram Stoker’s gothic story about Dracula.

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It is this blood lust that keeps Donavan, Ramona and Alex tied to the Countess’s every wish. They can’t help themselves and they will betray each other in hopes of being with her for eternity. This is how a vampire survives. It’s not just the blood that feeds this creature, but the control it has over others.The Countess tells Donavan that although her wedding with Drake is on Wednesday, the funeral will be scheduled for Thursday. The Countess likes keeping her honeymoons short and sweet, but she better watch her back. There are people planning on bringing her down. After learning about Mr. March’s involvement with the disappearance of her true love, Valentino, the Countess hires a private eye.


Finn Wittrock has made a delightful Valentino and, I’m so happy he wasn’t written out of the show when his character, Tristan, met a quick death at the hands of a jealous countess. Valentino is lost in the modern world, but even though he feels out of place and time, his companion, Natacha is having a ball with a credit card belonging to the Countess.


We haven’t seen too much of Liz Taylor after Triston was killed, but luckily for us, Denis O’Hare was back tonight handing out barbed insults now that he’s no longer BFF with the Countess. Denis O’Hare and Kathy Bates are enjoyable to watch and they kind of saved the day because the storyline for tonight’s episode was dragging us down.

Kathy Bates’ Iris was kick-ass great tonight as Dirty Harriet.  When a porno director named Stormcock shows up at the Cortez with two of his porn stars, Iris gives them a room to do their filming, but it’s not extra towels she delivers to the room. Donavan walks in on the blood bath and tells her that he’s back with the Countess.


Alex goes looking for the bratty vampire Max and his posse. The kids have been drinking the town dry and now the police are searching for them. Some of the kids want to stop, but Alex’s proposal to bring them back to the hotel falls on deaf ears. These kids like being free from the control of their parents. I forgot all about these vampire kids until tonight, but I have a feeling they are going to cause trouble for Alex. It’s kind of sad that they didn’t do more with the blood sucking pre-teens in this series. It’s too late now.


Ramona’s long drawn out tale of where she stayed for the last twenty years after the Countess killed her man and threw her out seemed to drag on forever. We learn that she’s been staying with her elderly and ill parents. Dad had Alzheimer and when Ramona’s blood didn’t cure him, he had to put him down. I was disappointed in the part given to Angela Bassett this year. I don’t feel she was used to her full potential.  Bassett’s Ramona was too easily tricked by Donavan into becoming a prisoner of the Countess. It didn’t feel right.


Drake finds out that his marriage to the Countess came with baggage when he meets baby Bart. Miss Evers did try to warn him, but he was in love. The Countess made Drake go gaga over her, then she locks him up with Ramona. The only person that the Countess loves besides herself is Valentino, but she’ll need to get rid of Natacha who’s learned to be quite the expert shopaholic.

Lady Gaga looked beautiful in her wedding gown, but giving her bouquet to Liz was rubbing salt into an open wound. We have one more episode before this season is over. Let’s hope that the ending is fabulous and that we get to see Lady Gaga belt out a song.

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