The Walking Dead S06 E06: Always Accountable


Dust off that bassinet! There’s a new baby on the way, but that good news is streaked in sorrow. Maggie is pregnant, but I’m afraid she’ll be raising this baby on her own; Glenn’s fate is still up in the air. In last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” love was in bloom for Rick and Jessie and maybe Tara and Denise. While Team Rick is getting all kissy face behind the walls of Alexandria, someone attacks Daryl, Abe and Sasha and we are left to ask, “Why?”

Road Trip

If you’ve ever taken a class on a school trip, you’ll understand the frustration of keeping the little ones together while trying to make your way safely through the city zoo. I went through a substitute teacher flashback while watching Daryl, Abe and Sasha slowly lead the walking brigade to Route 642. Before the class is dismissed, this episode hits the ground running with bullets flying.


Who was shooting at our team is unclear, but Daryl is not only separated from Abe and Sasha, he’s injured. We haven’t see Norman Reedus without his jacket for a while, but our little stud muffin has been working out and I’m sure that Team Daryl appreciates the biceps. Right, ladies? Daryl’s bike is out of commission and there is something strange about the woods he’s in. Everything has been burnt to the ground including the walkers, but who did this, the shooters? The people Daryl bumps into?

Friend or Foe

We have no idea why the man and the two women are on the run, but there are some nasty people chasing them and I’m pretty sure that they’re not part of the Wolves. This is probably the most important question you’re going to ask yourself when the world as we know it, circles the drain. Who do you trust?

Daryl in trouble

Daryl is knocked out and trussed up by a stranger. Surprisingly, they didn’t kill Daryl. They think Daryl is part of the wolves and Daryl is probably thinking the same about them. We do learn that it was these strangers that burned down the woods. Walkers are attracted to fire. It’s a smart way to clear the way. When the stranger and the two women are found by the people they’re running from, Daryl takes off.


Sasha and Ave have been separated from Daryl and the walkie is giving out nothing but static. They make their way into a recruiting station that has what they need to take a break until they can get their heads straight. Why did Abe volunteer to ride with Sasha? He claims he wasn’t sure if she could handle the job, but Sasha wasn’t sure that Abe was holding his shit together. Abe has control issues.

Abe & Sasha 6

Sasha doesn’t feel it necessary to kill every walker and Abe wants them all dead. These two will have to come to some sort of compromise if they’re going to be a team. Although Sasha tells him that he is always accountable for his actions, Abe is in his element. There is an officer’s uniform waiting for Abe to slip on. It might belong to the officer locked up behind the glass door.

Abe is feeling so good after finding lots of weapons: a few dozen grenade launchers and a box of cigars, that he allows a commando walker to live… well, it lives until it rips free of the roof and crashes to the street below. Abe’s in the mood! He wants to stay put and he makes an offer to Sasha.


She didn’t say no! That’s right. Abe might not have the best pick-up-line, but when Sasha asked him why he thought that she’d want to hook up with him, his answer was right on. “A man knows!” That was one hell of a sexy reply and you could tell that Sasha thought so, too.

Daryl is a bad ass with a heart of gold and that got him in trouble tonight. He trusted the stranger because the man answered the questions correctly: How many walkers have you killed? How many people? Daryl could have taken off when the people searching for his captors arrived, but he came back because one of the women was diabetic and needed her insulin.


There’s an old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Daryl brought back the insulin, but Tina was attacked by her roasted neighbors and, the man and woman take off with Daryl’s bike and crossbow. Damn! It was interesting to note that the people searching for our strangers knew the Hershel technique, “Cut it off.” The mystery remains about the new man’s identity and the group he was running from. Negan? The Saviors?

I think we’re going to see more hook-ups this season. Love should never be a victim during war or the zombie apocalypse and, it’s nice to see Michael Cudlitz’ Abraham side up to a woman who is his match is smarts and bravery. Daryl returns with the fuel truck and as the three head back to Alexandria, the stinking walkie that didn’t work the whole episode brings a call for help. Who is it and is it another trap?

See you next week, my little walker snacks


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