Twin Peaks S02 E15: Slaves and Masters


Who shot Cooper? I’d always assumed it was Leland, but maybe it wasn’t. Cooper comes with baggage and that’s just how I like my heroes. On last week’s episode of “Twin Peaks,” we talked about weenies, Cooper’s connection to Windom Earle, and General Horne’s rewrite of history. This week, it’s Cooper’s turn on the chess board.


Evelyn is dressed in black and playing the grieving widow, but there is nothing legit about this dame. She blames her husband’s death on James to the investigating officer. Donna takes James to the opera at Wallie’s Bar, which leaves me wondering if I just stepped into “The Twilight Zone.” Donna and James are not the brightest bulbs in the carton.


Harry and Cooper question Bobby and Shelly about zombie Leo. Bobby, when he’s not fighting those damn Yankees, tells Cooper that he and Shelly are lovers and, that Hank shot Leo.


Miguel Ferrer’s Albert returns and he is a sight for sore eyes. Albert’s appearance on this episode reminds us of better days and better scripts. He has information on Windom Earle. Earle is sending packages to various police stations. It contains clothing; Caroline’s wedding apparel. Albert hasn’t lost his touch. His critique of Cooper’s new fashion style would make Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” proud.



One wonders what originally drove Windom over the brink. Did it happen before the affair between Cooper and Caroline? Was it the grind of day to day dealings with evil criminals? Leo is now getting a taste of Windom’s sick mind. Do I feel pity? No! Leo has met his Karma and is getting back what he gave out to Shelly. Windom is a master of torture and he is conditioning Leo.

The Weenie File

I promised to list the useless scenes under The Weenie File and I didn’t have to wait long. Leo talks over the last twenty years of his life with his lover, Norma. They’re all lovey dovey until Nadine comes home with her trophy. How is that house still standing? Nadine can’t open a door without pulling it from its hinges, and yet, no medical tests are done on her.

All three are in bed talking about life in general. Nadine isn’t upset with Ed and Norma being in bed together. Nope, she’s only upset with coming in second place in the high school wrestling competition. Nadine is peachy fine with Ed and Norma doing their thing because the loony toon likes her men, younger.

Speaking of dumb ass scenes, this one definitely deserves to be in The Weenie File. Josie is questioned about Cousin Jonathan’s death. Why is Harry, holding Josie’s hands during the interrogation? The only interesting part of this interrogation is when Pete’s pickup from the laundry offers a clue for Cooper. And speaking of dumb ass scenes, this whole James and Evelyn thing is stupid. Donna has a chat with the tipsy Evelyn, but then James returns to Evelyn’s home to confront her. There is a struggle and Malcolm is dead. I don’t know why this plot is still alive and kicking.


I was almost tempted to place this scene in The Weenie File, but it was too freaking funny. Ben’s entire office is now a replica of the south surrendering to the north, but in Ben’s delusional mind, the south wins. The marching band was a bit too much, but Uncle Jerry gets a lesson in business from the very smart Audrey, when she reminds Jerry why it’s so important that her father get better. If she takes over the Great Northern, Jerry will be out in the street. Audrey, like Albert, is a welcomed sight during this dark period of the show.


Audrey would have made a wonderful Scarlett O’Hara. I can’t say this enough. Sherilyn Fenn is the best actress on “Twin Peaks.” While the other female characters play the victim, Sherilyn has always played her character as smart and capable. Luckily for Uncle Jerry, Ben is cured with a wink to The Wizard of Oz.


Catherine gets a visit from her brother’s rival and enemy and Josie is forced to serve them during dinner. Thomas Eckhardt only kills for love, or so he says. Catherine offers Josie to Thomas. Did Catherine understand that giving Josie to Thomas was human trafficking? Did you know that human trafficking is the number one import and makes more money than drugs and guns? A lot of people don’t.


I love Albert. He knows everything and, he is loyal to his friend. The fibers from Josie’s coat are a perfect match to those found outside Cooper’s room. Did Josie shoot Cooper? Damn! Cooper wants to keep this a secret from Harry until they are positive. We find out who the dead chess piece was; Eric Powell. That was Caroline’s maiden name. Cooper now realizes that every chess move that Windom makes means another corpse.


The Weenie File is growing. I want it to stop. I read Andy Burns‘ book about the show. His love of the series is evident, but I had never seen the show. Watching “Twin Peaks” after reading his book, Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks, was extremely helpful. I wanted to watch the show for myself and I thought I was prepared for all the episodes; good and bad, but the past few episodes were disappointing. I was surprised to learn that Diane Keaton was the director for this episode. I guess I was expecting better from her.


Windom is a cocky serial killer. He’s not as entertaining as Leland, but he’s just as frightening. Windom is waiting for Cooper to make his next move. Windom has plans on using the girls of Twin Peaks as his pawns. He’s not afraid of being caught. He’s a master of disguises.


Cooper isn’t that great a chess player, but he’d better learn fast because Windom just dropped off a letter for Audrey and left a surprise in Cooper’s bed. The game is on, and hopefully, Pete can teach Cooper how to win.

I can only hope that the series returns to its former excellence.

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