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The Librarians S03 E04: “And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”


Get ready for stabby fingers, prophecies, and brain explosions in this week’s episode recap of The Librarians.

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The Librarians S02 E04: The Cost of Education


On this week’s episode of “The Librarians” there were disappearing students, stalking gargoyles, a dimensional rift, and a tentacle monster. And you thought finals were the worst part of college.

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Twin Peaks S02 E15: Slaves and Masters


Who shot Cooper? I’d always assumed it was Leland, but maybe it wasn’t. Cooper comes with baggage and that’s just how I like my heroes. On last week’s episode of “Twin Peaks,” we talked about weenies, Cooper’s connection to Windom Earle, and General Horne’s rewrite of history. This week, it’s Cooper’s turn on the chess board. Read the rest of this entry

Orphan Black S03 E05: Scarred by Many Past Frustrations


Holy Specimen! On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black,” Mark and Sarah found the original specimen buried in a small coffin. What will happen to Sarah now that she’s a prisoner of Team Castor and, who is that cutie that Cosima has a blind date with?  We’ll need to ask the scorpion. Read the rest of this entry

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