Trailer Time: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic Con Trailer

We all knew this was coming.

With the 2015 edition of the San Diego Comic Con in full swing right now, we knew that Warner Brothers would release something new regarding one of next year’s most eagerly anticipated films. And today, they didn’t disappoint fans.

Black versus blue.

God versus man.

Day versus night.

Batman versus Superman.

The one question that remains: what do you think?

3 Replies to “Trailer Time: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic Con Trailer”

  1. I’m staying optimistic and, fortunately, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex has enough ‘personality’ to keep the film grounded while the stoic super heroes battle it out…that is, of course, until he emerges as the true enemy.

  2. I think Zack Snyder needs to learn about the color-wheel. I’m also worried that it appears that at least Batman’s, and maybe Wonder Woman’s origin stories are going to be shoved into this single film. Here’s hoping Wonder Woman kicks both their butts.

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