Twin Peaks S02 E04: Laura’s Secret Diary


Secrets within secrets can drive a person batty. On last the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” we learn that Harold Smith had Laura’s real diary. This week, Ben asks Cooper to save Audrey and, Twin Peaks has a mysterious guest.

Down Time

Once a week, I lock myself in my office and tell my husband that I will not be accepting any calls. I wish I had more time for this series, but between getting the second book of the Roof Oasis series published, working on my paranormal activities and, babysitting my grandkids; downtime is erratic. But, I do my best to put my busy schedule aside for “Twin Peaks” because I truly love the show. “Twin Peaks” to me is like that last piece of Godiva chocolate that you nibble on, ever so slowly, because you want the taste to last forever.

I think some of Biff Bam Pop’s readers believe the “Twin Peaks” series is old stuff because they’ve already seen this series when it first premiered in 1990, but the recaps that I do each week give a different slant. I did not watch “Twin Peaks” when it premiered, but that revelation really doesn’t matter because over the last twenty-five years since “Twin Peaks” first premiered, I’ve seen my own share of weird shows.


Plus, I’ve read Andy Burns’ book, Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks. Going with Andy’s retrospect of the series, I hesitantly entered a world he loved enough to write about. I fell in love with the town and the characters of Twin Peaks. It’s a world that I can relate to and maybe, it’s because of my eccentric childhood and the fact that I can communicate with ghosts, that I’m most comfortable with the bohemian and bizarre antics of “Twin Peaks.”


I love the way this episode starts. You hear a child’s voice calling for her daddy and then the camera slowly zooms away from the ceiling and onto Leland who is being interrogated about his part in Jacque’s death. David Lynch’s use of the camera adds a weird element to an already weird story. The camera becomes our periscope. We are on a submarine and we can only surmise what is taking place by what we see through the lens.


Leland tells Cooper and Harry that he killed Jacque because Jacque killed Laura. His crocodile tears don’t move me, but they do mislead Doc Hayward. Harry tells Cooper that there are no records of a Robertson living at Pearl Lakes. On this bit of news, I’m going to side with Leland. His memory of Bob flicking cigarettes at him is too vivid for Leland to make up. This man frightened the young Leland. What else did Bob do to Leland?


Our attention is quickly diverted by Andy’s wanting another sperm test done. In case you forgot, Andy has lazy sperm and doesn’t think he’s the daddy of Lucy’s baby. Doctor Hayward basically tells Andy to rush the job, forcing Andy to use one of the Flesh World magazines to deliver. Are you allowed to use police evidence for that? I love the klutzy Andy. He never disappoints in his weekly deliverance of comedic relief, but when Andy drops his specimen, Cooper notices the boots. It’s time to find Gerard.

Undercover Critic

No one knows who or what M.T. Wentz looks like especially since this critic travels incognito, but everyone is excited about Wentz making the town of Twin Peaks famous? Even jail bird Hank is excited. He runs off to buy table covers, flowers and candles. Shouldn’t Norma be the one doing this?

Ben finally shows some concern for his missing child when Jean Renault shows him the tape of Audrey. Jean tells Ben that he’s only the middle man, but the kidnappers want 25,000 to be delivered by Agent Cooper. Ben calls in Cooper, but you know that Audrey is not the main concern. Ben doesn’t like being blackmailed. The dirt bag of a father plays on Cooper’s attraction to Audrey to get Cooper to deliver the cash to the kidnappers.


Our little Audrey has been drugged and manhandled by Emory. I guess about now she is wondering why Cooper hasn’t saved her yet. This whole time, she’s never asked for her father. Audrey may be young but she’s smart enough to know that her safety is Ben’s least concern. Talk about dysfunctional families. If Audrey hasn’t already realized that she’s expendable, Jean Renault’s (Michael Parks) killing Emory should remove all doubts.



How many freaking diaries did Laura keep? Was she writing an essay? Are there more diaries? Why did Laura give Harold Smith her diary? Was he the only one she could trust with her dark secrets? There is something very strange about Harold. His refusal to turn over the diary during a murder investigation and, his reading the diary to Donna is downright creepy. Why Donna confides in Maddie about the diary and not the police shows me that these kids are not taking Laura’s murder seriously enough. There were enough hints in just that one passage Harold Smith read to Donna to reveal a lot about Laura. This was a young girl who was quite familiar with a man’s sexual appetite. Who taught her?


Cooper is walking into a trap. With our periscope aimed at the town, we can see the events unfolding. We can’t shout out a warning, but there’s no need. Cooper is a smart agent. He knows something is fishy and because he does, he asked for help. Luckily for Cooper, it is Harry who volunteers to play sidekick and deliver the ransom money and save Audrey. Harry is a good man and he’s a trustworthy friend, but when it comes to women; he is clueless. Josie can sweet talk her way out of any questions Harry asks her, but she’ devious enough to also use her body. While Josie and Harry get hot and heavy on the sofa, someone is watching them.


Cooper tried to play cupid; tried to get Lucy to explain why she’s so pissed at Andy. Lucy tried to explain her angst by telling Cooper how Andy gets on her last nerve or about her disappointment with Dick Tremayne, but Cooper can’t see what we see. Lucy is scared. She is pregnant and living in a town that loves gossip. How will her coworkers treat the news of the baby? Harry’s remark in which he compares Lucy’s rants to that of fixing pot holes is one hell of an eye opener. Dick Tremayne’s quick solution to an embarrassing problem hits home just how alone Lucy is in a department full of men.

We get to meet Judge Sternwood. The Judge talks to Leland…blah, blah, blah and something about Valhalla. The end result is that Leland will have to wait until morning for bail, but he has the judge’s permission to defend himself. When we meet Sid, the law clerk, who is also the judge’s sidekick, we see why the old coot can act all philosophical with Leland.

All kinds of strangers are showing up in town. Hank swipes a stranger’s wallet to check if he’s the famous critic and, Josie introduces the Asian man, that’s been lurking in the background, as her cousin Jonathan to Pete. We learn a few things about Jonathan: he’s a peeping tom; Pete might be in danger and, Jonathan demonstrates Kung Fu on Hank.


As we lower our periscope and head back to sea, we see a particularly curious visitor getting a room at the Great Northern Lodge. That mustache and wig ain’t fooling me. Mr. Tajamura is no other than Catherine Martell in disguise. What is this little vixen up to and, how will she get even? I need some more chocolate.


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