Trailer Time – Fantastic Four Official Trailer


We’ve seen sneak peeks, we’ve seen coy trailers, we’ve seen bits and pieces, and we have all heard the crazy rumors. Hell, I’ve done entire podcast episodes on this movie. Now we’ve got a complete, revealing, and intriguing trailer for Josh Trank’s new Fantastic Four film. Meet me after the jump to see it.

And here it is…

Fantastic Four stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell, was written by Simon Kinberg and directed by Josh Trank.

Yeah, the circumstances and the origins are different, and the characters are different from what we have come to know and love from the comics, but the trailer gives us a pretty amazing, and startlingly different vision of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s first family of comics. This seriously could be good, or it might fall on its fantastic faces. We’ll find out in August. What do you think?

4 Replies to “Trailer Time – Fantastic Four Official Trailer”

  1. Wow! It seems like the world has gone trailer mad. So much to look forward to! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Who wears glasses in a spacesuit? Have they not heard of contact lenses!!!

    Hopefully we won’t all be super-hero-movie-overloaded by August and be able to appreciate it for what it is.

    Unfortunately the trailer didn’t sell me, it looked too generic … but then, not every trailer can be a Star Wars one! 😀

    1. I’m not completely sold either, Wid, it looks like a good scifi flick, but I’m not so sure about it being the FF. And yes, when I saw the glasses in the helmet, I must confess to laughing out loud as well…

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