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The Walking Dead,” which is AMC’s hit series and one of the best apocalyptic shows on television, is more than a drama about zombies. It’s about the survivors, but more importantly, it’s about the man who leads them. Who is Rick Grimes? To learn why I picked him for my ‘On…’ column, meet me after the jump.

Rick Grimes

On season one, we were introduced to Officer Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, as he wakes from a coma to learn that the citizens of King County are now zombies who view the living as protein bars. Officer Grimes is a husband and father. He searches for his family. Luckily, Morgan and his son, Duane give Rick a walkie-talkie and point him towards Atlanta and the Center for Disease Control.


The first season was a something like a blind date between Rick and me. Rick is handsome, smart and protective of the people who depend on him. These are good traits to look for in a potential mate or the hero of a series. The first season kept me on the edge as Rick makes his way to Atlanta, is saved by Glenn and learns that Lori and Carl are safe.

It’s not going to be easy for Rick. Shane wants Rick’s family, but Rick has values that Shane miserably lacks. The survivors look to Rick as a leader. I’m enjoying this first date, especially after observing Rick in action at the CDC.


Date #2

By the second season with the handsome Rick Grimes, it becomes evident that he is the protector of the group. Rick wants to be with Lori even though she may be carrying Shane’s child. I love Rick. He is not only an honorable man, but he is a forgiving man. Rick gives Shane plenty of chances, but in the end, Shane has to die. When walkers attack Hershel’s farm, everybody splits. At this point in my relationship with Rick Grimes, I’m telling friends and family to watch the show. They do and, they like what they see.

Date #3

The third season with Rick Grimes was wild ride. Andrea is missing and Lori is very pregnant. Rick reminds the group that “This isn’t a democracy anymore.” The group and I see a change in our leader and we’re a bit uneasy. Rick finds a prison; Lori is due any day; Rick is having second thoughts about his marriage. It is at the prison, where we see Rick becoming more aggressive, more sure of his role.


I like a man who is quick to react to danger. Rick took action when Hershel was bitten and, he put an end to Tomas with a machete. Then, Lori died. Rick fell to pieces and I was ready to give him his walking papers. He was ignoring his daughter, Judith AKA Little Ass Kicker, but then he does something unexpected. He welcomes Michonne into the group.

Rick shines under the direst of conditions. Although a little loopy after Lori died, Rick switches back to warrior mode when he meets up with the Governor. The entire third date centered around Rick and The Governor, a violent and brutal man. Rick stood his ground; he did not blink. Andrea is dead and Team Prison makes friends with escapees from Woodbury.

Date #4

On season four, I am now in love with the new and improved, Rick. There is another man in the group that has also caught my eye. Daryl Dixon is Rick’s second in command. I decide to go on a fourth date with Rick Grimes, but my date starts with Rick asking me three questions. “How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?”


Unlike the poor befuddled Clara, I am a member of the Zombie Squad; our motto, “We make dead things deader.” I hit Rick with a question of my own, “Who scares you most, walkers or people?”  Maybe my question has Rick re-evaluating what is more important in life. He becomes a farmer, tending to the crops and pigs. Then people start getting sick. Is it the pigs? I like pigs, but they are causing people to die. Rick and the walkers play a game of toss with the cute little pigs.

Rick banishes Carol after she kills two people. She’s proactive when dealing with potential walkers. Rick’s decision was hard to understand. Did strong women frighten him? There might not be a fifth date for us.

The Governor is at the gates with tanks. It’s war! Hershel is dead, the Governor is dead and Baby Judith is missing or dead. The prison is overrun by walkers and our group is on the run again. After Carl eats his chocolate pudding, Michonne, Rick and Carl go looking for sanctuary; Terminus.


The fourth date turns out to be exhausting and I’m a bit nervous that Rick might dump me for Michonne. My faith in Rick returns when he saves his son from being raped, but our date ends inside a boxcar when Rick meets up with Abraham’s team. I don’t like Terminus or what’s on their menu, so I say my goodbyes.

Date #5

By the time season five rolls around, Team Rick and Team Abraham join forces. Rick is evolving, becoming more feral. He needs to be this way to protect his people and that’s fine with me. Carol aka Wonder Woman saves the day and Rick is reunited with baby Judith, thanks to Tyreese. We’re on the road again because Eugene has a mission.  We meet a cowardly priest and find out there is no mission. Unfortunately, a few remnants of Terminus have a liking for leg of Bob. We go looking for Beth and Carol.


Throughout our fifth date, Rick has proven himself a leader. We make a disastrous trip to Grady Memorial. Goodbye Beth (Emily Kinney). At the end of the fifth date, Rick and the team have lost some good friends; goodbye Tyreese, goodbye Noah. They find a new home and meet Deanna. Rick is back in uniform. The Alexandria Safe Zone needs Rick to keep it safe. There are wolves outside the gates.


I promised Rick that I’d see him for a sixth date. I’m ready to make him a permanent part of my life. I might have a competitor for his affections, maybe two. I’m not worried. I’ve watched Rick Grimes evolve before my eyes and whatever happens, I have his back.

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