Blue on Black: CineCoup & My Very Biased Opinion

Ok, here’s the thing. I watched Wolf Cop the other day with the intention of telling all y’all all about it, but I got distracted. It happens. A name check turned into a director check, which turned into a producer check, which turned into a “What the hell is CineCoup?!” check. Turns out CineCoup is all kinds of awesome that I’ve somehow been missing out on, and maybe you have been too. I’ll still have to share my Wolf Cop thoughts at some point, but right now I am too damn excited about too many things, and those things are getting the spotlight this week.

“What the hell is CineCoup?!”


CineCoup is, in short, a Vancouver-based fan-driven marketing tool that gives aspiring filmmakers the invaluable opportunity to find out exactly what their potential audience wants, and allows said potential audience to help make sure the movies they want actually happen.

Every year, teams of filmmakers create and submit a trailer for the film they would love to make, and get the chance to develop a pre-built fanbase ready to not only contribute to the production of the film, but ready to embrace it when it does come to completion. Using rounds of voting, social media, fan comments and criticisms, CineCoup gives independent filmmakers the chance to gain insight into the desires of the masses. But this isn’t just a run of the mill bragging rights contest: Up for grabs is the chance at a one million dollar (!!!) production prize as well as a Cineplex release (!!!). Beats the hell out of a blue ribbon, as I’m sure Lowell Dean, the writer/director of Wolf Cop (2014’s CineCoup Film Accelerator winner), would agree.

I obviously missed out on all of this last year, but will definitely be participating in the voting this year. As it turns out, one of my dearest and most kickass friends, Mr. Steve Reeve, and his equally kickass team (director Tito Guillen and producer Toddske) have submitted a trailer for Comic Book Wednesday, a film I would love to see happen, and not just because I’m unashamedly biased. This team (with the help of the impossibly adorable Ashley Laurenson) has proven their talent in the past with their horror short film COVER ( and their fan film Arkham Rising ( Arkham Rising was shown at multiple worldwide fesivals and won a Bloody Fist Award. I’m tellin’ ya, these guys are good.

When I asked Steve if I could please please please include his entry info in this post, and if he would please please please give me a little summary of his team’s film as well, he told me a) I beg too much, and b) “Comic Book Wednesday is the first super horror anthology. With interwoven stories that center around a comic book store in Northern Alberta, Canada, CBW will fuse the geeky and the freaky in a way you’ve never seen before. What if superpowers came with a terrible price? What if you tried to do the right thing only to become the villain? What if you were trapped inside the panels? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @comicbookwed to keep up to speed and support our project. We will have weekly updates, starting with a major one this Monday (March 30)!”

You can view the trailer for Comic Book Wednesday here – same place you can begin voting April 6!

I’m so excited for all of this. I love this stuff! Group projects in the art world make me giddy. I am a sucker for crowd funding and bringing dreams to life, connecting with strangers and actually making things happen that wouldn’t otherwise. It’s a wild time to be alive… But that’s a whole other discussion. For now, mark your calendars: CineCoup voting (Top 60) opens up on April 6, and I strongly encourage you all to vote for the film you’d most like to see. Leave me a note in the comments letting me know your thoughts on the trailer for Comic Book Wednesday, what you think of projects like the CineCoup Film Accelerator, Canadian films in general… Anything! I want to hear from you.

Maybe next week we can talk about Wolf Cop.

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  1. Thank you so much for giving us the literary love! We’re really excited about Comic Book Wednesday. Just finishing detailing the script of four stories set inside an over-arching fifth, and the more interest in the project and support from followers and voters, the closer we get to bringing those stories to life. Weekel updates on our CineCoup page, keep checking back! And tell your friends, everyone!

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