The Camden Comic Con 2015


Despite winter storm Thor pelting Southern New Jersey with icy snowy wrath just two day before, comic book fans, including several writers from Biff Bam Pop!, braved the cold and globs of slowly melting slush on March 7th to attend the 2nd annual Camden Comic Con at Rutgers University in Camden New Jersey.  Meet me after the jump for more!

As I worked to spread the news about Camden Comic Con in the months before it took place, the first question I was asked, with a usually already defeated expression was,

“So how much does it cost?”

When I told people that Camden Comic Con is free I was met with exclamations like, huzzah! Free is just one of the many things that makes Camden Comic Con great.

Because it is a one day event, and is kept relatively small, attendees have the opportunity to meet and talk with comic book writers like Bryan J.L. Glass, Dennis Knight, and Mark Poulton.

Although there was plenty of fun for geeks of all wheel houses, con organizers Bill Haas and Miranda Powell have made a commitment to keeping Camden Comic Con mostly about the passion for comics, especially when it comes to local and independent writers, artists and publishers like Pronto Comics and Unlikely Heroes Studios.

There were great panels and workshops for aspiring comic creators such as Learn to Draw Superheroes, The Art of the Creative Process, and the Art of Comic Book Lettering.

For visitors who were not aspiring to a career in comics, there were other great activities too. I had the opportunity to listen to Pamela Ptak, costume designer and former “Project Runway” contestant, give a talk entitled, Cosplay Secrets.


I learned quite a bit about how to use cheap ordinary items to create awesome outfits.

Speaking of awesome outfits, there were a lot of great cosplayers at the Camden Comic Con. I got to meet costume designer Sean Quinn who had an impressive Harley Quinn outfit.


There was also an official  costume contest.


Entertainment included the final ever performance of the band Knuckle Puck Time. It was a fitting venue for a farewell.

Shopping was a popular activity at the event.  There were of course comics for sale,


but there were also lots of toys, artwork, and my favorite, wearable geeky items.


Biff Bam Pops’ own Marie Gilbert was at Camden Comic Con


selling her book, “Roof Oasis,” with South Jersey Writers’ Group member and author Dawn Byrne at her side.


Comic book seller and game seller All Things Fun! sold a variety of merchandise. They also had gaming tables set up so attendees could try out a board game or two.


Last but certainly not least, Biff Bam Pop’s Glenn Walker and his podcaster in crime Ray Cornwall recorded The GAR Podcast live.


They were able to get some fantastic interviews and will be releasing their coverage of the Camden Comic Con over the next four episodes of GAR, which will be featured right here at Biff Bam Pop!.

I didn’t meet a single person who wasn’t having an absolute blast at Camden Comic Con. Everyone had the same comments regarding how the event felt personal/not too big and how it wasn’t overcrowded or overwhelming, and like most attendees, I will keep a close eye in excited anticipation for next year’s Camden Comic Con date.

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  1. Sarah, you did a marvelous job of capturing the very essence of the Camden Comic Con. It was an absolute blast.

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