Sleepy Hollow S02 E18: Tempus Fugit


In last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” Henry died, witchy Katrina did a time travel spell and, accidentally dragged Abbie with her. Abbie is out of her element and in trouble, but Captain Crane doesn’t know her. Time flies, but except for the outstanding acting done by Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, season two seemed to drag on and on. The show had a winning formula, but someone messed with it. Tonight, I hear, there’s going to be a lot of action and intrigue. Someone will die. Tonight is the season two finale. All my fellow sleepy heads and I are hoping there will be a season three.


Up until this episode, it’s always been poor Ichabod Crane who was the odd fellow. A colonial gentleman trapped in the future. Tonight, Abbie gets a taste of being the stranger. It’s not a great time period she was sent to. Slavery still existed, women had few rights and, slacks were not the optional clothing to wear when trying to impress. After being thrown in jail, without valid reason I must say, but doesn’t that still go on today? Abbie asks to speak with Ichabod Crane.


Tom Mison shines in this episode. Ichabod is in his own element. Here in this time: he’s respected; he’s in charge of a regiment; he knows important people; he’s the man, but this all changes soon after Abbie arrives. Because Abbie requested his presence, because she had important information concerning a particularly nasty Hessian, Captain Crane left the battlefield, upsetting the dice rolled. History was changed.

Luckily for me, I’ve been watching and reviewing the “12 Monkeys” series on Syfy, so I’m all versed in time travel paradoxes. Ichabod was supposed to die on that battlefield. Katrina was counting on it, waiting for his body to be brought in to the field hospital. His dodging the bullet or ax in this case, would have serious repercussions for the future. What had changed?

Benjamin Franklin

I’m a big fan of Benjamin Franklin and Timothy Busfield played Benjamin the way I’d expected him to act if I was ever lucky enough to travel back in time. I would never picture a man who had accomplished so much to be a stuffy old coot, and thankfully, he wasn’t in this episode. It was neat when Abbie told Ben that while he was featured on 100 dollar bills, Jefferson only made it to the two dollar bill.  Ben suggests that Abbie and Ichabod go visit Grace Dixon because she would have a spell to send Abbie back to the future.


This is where one of those time-travel paradoxes comes into play. Since Ichabod didn’t die, Benjamin is killed by the Horseman. Things go from bad to worse. Abbie is sent back to jail and Ichabod loses his command. This is no small dishonor, not back in those days. Ichabod Crane would lose everything including land that was promised to him for his fighting for the colonies. It would bring disgrace to his family. Speaking of family…


Why did they wait until the last two episodes to make Katrina bad ass? Wicked Witch is what this show always needed. Instead we were given a married couple with about as much passion as a grapefruit. Katrina makes a deal with the horseman. Kill Ichabod and Abbey. This is one pissed off woman.


When Abbie finally meets Grace Dixon (Onira Tares) in person, she knows that her granddaughter of several generations is a witness. She has the spell to send Abbie back, but will she have time before the Colonial version of Boris and Natasha reach Fredericks Manor?


We forget how dangerous it was back in Colonial day for women, especially for women of color. When Colonial Sutton (Marc Menchaca) entered that jail cell with that riding crop, his intention was to beat Abbie. In those days, he would have considered this act, rightful and, part of his duty as an officer. We’ve come a long way baby, but we have more to go. I loved how Abbie gave Sutton a lesson in feminism; hear me roar!


Who knew a ‘selfie’ would save the day and get Ichabod back on track. Do cell phones work without cell towers? Any tech savvy people out there with that answer? Ichabod had to die at the hands of Abraham. It was the only way to reset history. Abbie came back to 2015 and so did Katrina. Ichabod had to kill Katrina to save Abbie and himself. The passion that was never displayed during season two is finally witnessed as she died in his arms.

Will there be a season three? I don’t know. There is a large fan base for this show, but we struggled with the weak scripts of season two. Here’s my advice for the heads at Fox: bring on more monsters of the week, bring back Matt Barr, have more stars making guest appearances like Jaime Murray, more fun historical facts. The Sleepy Heads of the world want a season three!

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