Marvel’s Agent Carter S01 E05: The Iron Ceiling


In the last episode of “Agent Carter” we finally saw what that something special we all saw in Dottie really was, and it sure looked like Black Widow stuff to us. Marvel Comics verified our suspicions late last week, and now Peggy Carter is on her way to Russia with the old Howling Commandos. Are we going to see more of the secret origin of the Black Widow? Meet me after the acrobatic jump, for my thoughts on “The Iron Ceiling.”

Carter in Charge

After lunch with the Widowy Dottie and shrugging off the apologies of Jarvis, Peggy goes to work, and in the mood she’s in, she’s not taking crap from anyone. The confiscated Leviathan typewriter has started typing and only Carter can break the code. Within the first ten minutes of this episode she has flipped the switch and the script. She is on a mission to Russia for the SSR, 1940s male chauvinist pigs be damned.


Oh sure, Dooley isn’t happy about it, and ditto for Thompson, who’s going along is just as much an ass as he always is, but Carter’s in control. She’s been missing for far too much of this miniseries so far, but I know I’m glad to see the competent kickass lady from the “Agent Carter” one shot short again. Agent Carter is back, finally.

War Stories

Carter, Thompson, and a few other SSR guys jump into Poland and rendezvous with the 107th, better known as the Howling Commandos. Neal McDonough, the living personification of Dum Dum Dugan, is there, as well as some guys who while from the comics, didn’t appear in Captain America: The First Avenger. Dugan makes Thompson look bad just by being, and he respects Peggy, giving the SSR agent something to think about.


Dugan and Carter have great chemistry. Title star Hayley Atwell seems to shine brighter when paired with actors and actresses who aren’t opposing her, and McDonough is at the top of my list as far as that goes. When the group has downtime on the way to Russia they start telling campfire tales, and we finally get a little insight on why Thompson is the way he is. Or do we? Maybe eventually, but it’s not pretty.

Dooley and Dottie

While Carter and Thompson are overseas, Dooley is doing some investigating of his own. A newspaper contact reveals a bit more about the Battle of Finow and Stark. With this new information Dooley offers a seemingly sincere olive branch to Jarvis, saying he wants to hear Stark’s side of events. This is the first episode where I don’t hate this character a little bit. For good or bad, Shea Whigham is rocking this role.


Dottie on the other hand, seeming crazier and crazier by the moment, takes the key she swiped from Peggy and searches her apartment. She finds photos of Stark’s weapons, but thankfully not Captain America’s blood. This is one creepy chick, but after seeing her training, her subtle madness kinda make a sick sense. When they come to blows finally, this is going to be one hell of a fight between Peggy and this blonde Black Widow.

Do As Peggy Says

Once in Russia, Peggy and company break in on what seems to be an abandoned version of the place we saw in the opening of this episode in Dottie’s dream. Assumedly this is the Red Room, the training ground so important in the secret origin of the Black Widow. Rumor has it we’ll be seeing more of it in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. This is where the Russians trained young girls to become living weapons.


As I said, the place appears abandoned, save for two crazy scientists, oh, and a little girl… a little girl who tears through the team like a hot knife through butter. A firefight follows the rescue of the scientists in which Peggy proves, especially to Thompson, how truly effective she is. Of course, now that Peggy has Thompson’s respect, her former crusher Souza may be about to blow the whistle on her… Still, no matter how you slice it, this was definitely one of the better episodes of the series so far.

Next: Obviously Souza spills the beans, Dottie is on the offensive, Peggy Carter is a wanted woman, all this and more, in “A Sin to Err!”

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