12 Monkeys S01 E03: Cassandra Complex

12 Monkeys - Season 1

Every show needs a hero and a villain. We’ve met Pallid Man on last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys” and, he’s a dangerous flower loving killer, but he’s only one part of the mystery. What is the Night Room? Let’s hope our germ busters, Cassandra and Cole can find out. Are you ready for some time travel Hokey Pokey?


Cassandra has a gun. Cole is teaching her to shoot just in case our favorite little flower child comes knocking at the door. Unable to locate Jennifer Goines, Cassandra and Cole narrow their search to finding the man who escaped the lab, but who is he? Cassie is called to the police station to give a description of the Pallid Man and discovers a clue. The man she’s looking for is someone she met in 2014 during a large scale outbreak in Haiti.


Cole and Cassandra head over to the CDC in hopes of finding Henri (Lyriq Bent). Cassandra is spooked about returning to the building where she’ll die in two years. Wow! It’s like walking on your own grave. Cassandra learns that Henri was killed by one of the Haiti gangs after she’d sent him to find more medical supplies. Our two germ busters are in a pickle. How will they learn the location of the night room? Cole needs to travel back in time, but first a trip forward.


Jones is wary of sending Cole back to 2014. I guess it has to do with that troublesome little paradox within a paradox thing. Cole has to stay away from Cassandra in 2014 because it might mess up 2015. Cole has to remember that his little romps with Cassandra might fracture her timeline. I’m feeling a bit fractured myself trying to keep up with the rules and regulations of time travel. Although I’d have to admit it might be easier to time travel than it is to get through airport security with three obnoxious teenagers. Cole is given permission to travel back to 2014 Haiti, but there is one small problem. The writers for this series are covering everything about time travel, even what can happen with solar flares and, this is why I’m such a big fan of the show.


Are you keeping up with me so far? It is now a year after Cassandra was kidnapped by Cole, but a year before she meets him at that hotel in 2015. Warned by Cole about the killer virus that will decimate humanity in the upcoming future, Cassandra is going to Haiti to see if that outbreak is ground zero. Aaron isn’t happy about her travels around the globe. Really, Aaron, you didn’t know this was part of her job?


When Cassandra arrives in Haiti, two things happen simultaneously, she walks into a bloody mess and, she meets the handsome Henri. Because of the space time paradox, Cassandra doesn’t know Henri’s hiding from the Pallid Man after he witnessed the slaughter in the lab. Later that night, while Cassandra is working on tracking the different outbreaks taking place around the globe, Henri visits her and surprise, they wind up in the sack. I didn’t see this one coming. Sorry, Aaron, maybe you were right to complain about all those trips.


Did you ever wonder what it’s like to live in a poor country that’s been hit with a pandemic? It sucks! The medical care is almost non-existent, there is shortage of food and clean drinking water and, there are thugs who prey on the sick and on the humanitarians who come to help the sick. This is what Cassandra is dealing with after she enters the hospital tent. How do you keep a disease contained to one spot? You set up quarantine. So why did Cassandra’s boss, Jules (Jeff Clarke), hesitate to call for one? When dealing with a pandemic or a zombie apocalypse, the magic word is radical containment. Maybe, we should remember this the next time the Ebola virus rears its ugly head again.


A female Scav named Max (Romina D’Ugo) knocks out Whitley (Demore Barnes) and tells Ramse that she’s hiding from the group called West 7 and a man named Deacon. It’s hinted that there was a romantic connection with Cole. She’s on the run, hungry and cold. Max asks for sanctuary and Ramse sends her to a nearby town that will take her in. Are you getting a bad feeling about Max? Yep.


Cole is now in Haiti, but due to the solar flares, he’s having problems staying in the year 2014. When Cassandra sends Henri to find more medical supplies thanks to the hospital being robbed, Cole follows. Before Cole can question Henri, the Pallid Man shows up. Damn, that man is like a freaking tick. The Pallid Man wants to know where the Night Room is located. Doesn’t everyone? With Cole’s help Henri escapes from the Pallid Man.


2014- Henri didn’t know about a Night Room, but he did know about the mobile containment system that houses the virus. Unfortunately for Henri, Cole makes certain the Pallid Man will never find out.

2043- We were right to distrust Max. In the year 2043, people kill for a piece of stale bread and loyalties are mostly covetous in nature. Max has returned to Deacon (Todd Stashwick) with the location of a town and the two men who escaped from West 7. In a world without hope, there is no sanctuary. Just ask Rick Grimes.


2015- Cassandra and Cole talk about Haiti. She knew he was there. She saw the flash when he splintered back to his time. She asks about Henri. How did he die? Cole ain’t talking. The time travel dance is over and we have safely arrived back to our time, or have we? See you next week, my little time travelers.


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