Trailer Time: Ant-Man


Ant-Man, the original Ant-Man – Doctor Henry Pym – is one of my favorite Avengers, if not my most favorite of all. So you know I have been waiting a long time for this trailer. Meet me after the jump for the first look at Ant-Man!

The teaser debuted a few days ago in ant-sized (above), promising a human-sized look during “Marvel’s Agent Carter” last night. I’m still not sure how I feel about a teaser for a teaser, but I still stayed through the end of “Agent Carter” to see it. Here it is:

As we had suspected, the focus will be on the Scott Lang version of the character, as played by Paul Rudd. Michael Douglas’ presence as the much older Henry Pym is felt as well. We also see some terrific ant action and effects, and a woman with a very Janet Van Dyne hairdo. There’s also a bit of that Guardians of the Galaxy humor in there too.

What we do know is that the woman is Hope, the daughter of Pym and Janet Van Dyne, played by Evangeline Lilly, so they’re playing very fast and loose with the Marvel Comics continuity, never a good idea. The villain of the film will be Darren Cross, in the comics the owner of an evil technology corporation, who here takes on the identity of Yellowjacket, looking very little like the Yellowjacket we know.


For a peek at the Ant-Man #1 comic book coincidentally coming out today, click here, but the Ant-Man movie opens on July 17th. I might not be happy with all that’s been done with the character(s), but I will be among the first in line to see it. How about you?

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  1. I admit not ever having read the comic, but the trailer looked good to me. Rudd is definitely an unconventional choice for a superhero role, but so far Marvel has proven to be near genius level in their casting decisions so I’m completely on board the Ant-Man train!

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