Sleepy Hollow S02 E12: Paradise Lost


Holy John Milton! On the last episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” Team Ichabod fought a war on two fronts, one with demons and another with a wayward wife. Henry went biblical on both his human and demon fathers, giving Moloch a big sendoff. Now that the apocalypse has been put on hold, is Ichabod out of a job? Is Captain Irving really dead? Is Katrina hot for Headless? We may need to ask a winged messenger. Don’t you think?


We fast forward six weeks after Moloch is killed and Henry has disappeared. Ichabod and Abbie are food shopping and come across some bad apples, compliments of the Wilcox Farm. Ichabod wants to investigate the farm, but Abbie tries to warn Ichabod that they may be out of a job. Does Ichabod have to sign up for food stamps? How does he describe his former job to the unemployment office?  “I was a witness for the apocalypse.”


Ichabod isn’t doing so well in the marriage bed either. Katrina has decided to stay with the imprisoned Abraham in order to cure him of his headlessness or, so she claims. Ichabod tells Abbie that he and Katrina need time apart to think. Abbie’s facial expression speaks volumes. Katrina is right where she wants to be. Really, Ichabod, you better keep your eye on the wife. We’ve seen Abraham without his shirt and he’s a hottie.

I find it rather interesting that Ichabod is so willing to let Katrina stay with Abraham especially since Ichabod is originally from a time when women did not have as many choices as we have today. I’m thinking that Ichabod is connecting better with Abbie as an equal.


Ichabod and Abbie’s trip to the Wilcox farm brings them face to face with the lesser demons and a kick ass angel with a magic halo. Orion (Max Brown) claims he just escaped from Purgatory thanks to Moloch’s death. He wants to hunt down the demons who also escaped from Purgatory, but first he has a score to settle. He is looking for the headless horseman who put him in limbo two hundred years ago. Abbie trusts the angel, Ichabod doesn’t.


This is no Wings of Desire and, it isn’t long before we realize that Orion is more interested in judging the naughty humans of the world after he steals Abraham’s power. Sorry, Orion, but we already have a “Judge Judy” and she’s funnier.  Katrina releases Abraham before Orion can kill him and this makes Ichabod suspicious of her loyalties.

When Ichabod and Abbie are forced to save Abraham from the avenging angel, Orion takes off without his halo or his chance to get even with us poor saps on Earth. People usually picture angels as loving protectors. I have my own theory. Yes, they’ll protect us, but they don’t have to like it. Think about it. If you were this perfect creature would you want to babysit a pack of losers?


While Jenny flirts with a bartender, Nick drops by with an object. The stone egg will help them find demons. I’m not sure, but these demons sure sounded like they are speaking Klingon.  Nick finally admits that he cares for Jenny, but she’s not impressed. Is she nuts?



For now, there is a truce between Team Ichabod and Abraham. Ichabod has made it clear to Katrina that she needs to choose and soon. Abbie has formed some sort of bond with Orion even though he’s flown the coop. Will he return again? On the other side of town, someone enters a convenience store, but we’ll have to wait two weeks before we find out if Captain Irving is now a zombie.

“Sleepy Hollow” will return on January 19th with another blast from the past. See you then, my little sleepy heads.

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