Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Zenescope’s Wonderland Series

In 2007, Zenescope Entertainment launched the “Wonderland” Series, a spin-off from the horror graphic novel series Grimm Fairy Tales.  The first major release for the series is titled “Return to Wonderland” and, to put it lightly, it’s ‘twisted’ (as is the entire series).  Author Raven Gregory re-introduces the reader to the now grown-up Alice Liddle, the heroine of Alice in Wonderland, and her teenage daughter, Calie (an anagram of ‘Alice’).  Only, in the Wonderland series, Alice is mentally disturbed and suicidal, her daughter is a promiscuous, self-absorbed teenager, and the traditional Wonderland characters have all been drawn in ‘bat-sh*t crazy nightmare’ mode.

Return to Wonderland

The Wonderland series is definitely not for those who are looking for the same world as created in the original book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” or Disney’s animated movie version.  If, however, you’ve always wondered what Wonderland would be like if it was controlled by a purely evil entity that was determined to cross over to our realm and unleash an eternity of hell on Earth, then this is the graphic novel series for you!  The artwork is AMAZING and the story line is dark, gruesome and completely incoherent at times…which is why I love it!

Wonderland Timeline

The graphic above illustrates in what order the sequence of events have occurred in the Wonderland Series.  You’ll notice that the first release, Return to Wonderland, is more than half-way down the list.  Tales from Wonderland, a three part prequel, was released in 2008 and numerous sequels have been released since then including Beyond Wonderland and Escape from Wonderland.  If you have the budget, I recommend jumping on Amazon and purchasing all of them so you can read in the order illustrated above. If, however, you’d prefer to dip your proverbial toe in the Wonderland pool, start with Return to Wonderland (click here for link) and see if it’s your ‘cup of tea’.

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