Sleepy Hollow S02 E10: Magnum Opus


On last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” Abbie and Jenny celebrated Mother’s Day a little earlier this year when they released their mother from Purgatory. This week, while Katrina takes care of her demon child (the boy has a face that only a mother could love) Ichabod and Abbie must go on a scavenger hunt to find a weapon that can destroy that pesky little hound of hell, Moloch. Will they find the weapon and who will try to stop them?

Scavenger Hunt

Who am I? Ichabod asks with his smart phone plastered to his forehead. Abbie has him playing games to help clear their minds when Katrina contacts them via mirror. You would think she’d have a smart phone of her own by now. It seems that little Moloch is just sprouting up as quick as can be from infant to toddler to surly teenager. This means that Team Ichabbie will have to move fast. Unfortunately, Ichabod’s and Katrina’s bad seed, Henry has his own two way mirror and learns about their plans to kill Moloch.


With her mother’s journal in hand, we learn that the clue is a snake cut in eight pieces. Yes, indeed my little history buffs, Benjamin Franklin is part of the “Sleepy Hollow” cast or should be since he is mentioned in almost every episode. “Join or Die” was first featured in Franklin’s newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754 and was considered the first political cartoon. The message was clear. The colonies had to join together to defeat the British. Ichabod and Abbie have to work together to find the sword of Methuselah. I love when “Sleepy Hollow” uses snippets of real history in each episode.

Monster of the Week

While Henry and Katrina argue over her mothering skills and Irving goes underground to avoid the posse searching for him, we get to meet our monster of the week. When Team Ichabbie finds the underground location where the sword of Methuselah is rumored to be hidden, they come across many stone statues. After closer inspection, Ichabod and Abbie realize that the statues were once living people. Say hello to the Gorgon.


Tricked into slaying the Gorgon, Abraham then battles with Ichabod while Abbey tries to pick out the real sword among fakes. Time is running out and Henry is getting ready to blow his horn. No, really. Henry has the horn that brought down the walls of Jericho and Katrina wants to know when to expect the recital.


Magnum Opus means great work or great achievement, but whose work; what achievement? The real story tonight was about the friendship and bond between Abraham (Neil Jackson) and Ichabod (Tom Mison). They were best friends and Ichabod states several times during the episode that this friendship with Abraham made Ichabod the man he was. This is a high compliment to give to a friend. Together, these two men had the perfect friendship and it was this friendship that made each of them the best they could be. It was Abraham who urged Ichabod to come to the colonies and to join in the adventure of the New World. It was Abraham who first fell in love with Katrina, but… Katrina used her witchcraft to get Ichabod to help General Washington and then fall in love with her. She caused the end of a great friendship.


I’m not too crazy about Katrina. She was the reason that Abraham and Ichabod have become mortal enemies. She has too many secrets. I think she still has feelings for Abraham, even though she denies this.  Henry doesn’t think she’s a good mother, and maybe, he’s right. She didn’t hesitate to make that poison for baby Moloch. As much as I don’t like Katrina, I do like the beautiful and talented actress who plays her, Katia Winter. Abraham and Ichabod have no idea what Katrina’s up to and neither do we.

I feel sorry for Abraham because he was betrayed by his best friend and by the woman he loved. This betrayal turned Abraham against humanity. Ichabod still has feelings for his former friend and you see this love in the flashbacks to when they both practiced with their swords. Abraham could have killed Ichabod tonight, but he didn’t. He walked away. There is hope for Abraham’s soul if Ichabod can win back his trust.

Thanks to Team Ichabbie, the sword was found and the fight is on; magnum opus. Abbie has been getting quite good at solving clues and she knows Ichabod better than he knows himself. Next week will be the season finale for “Sleepy Hollow” and I can’t wait to see what the cliffhanger will be.

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