Sleepy Hollow S02 E06: And the Abyss Gazes Back


On last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” Ichabod received a message via crow-a-gram, met a wet, disgruntled ex-girlfriend, and learned that his witchy wife keeps secrets from him. Poor Ichabod is a bundle of nervous angst and I know just the thing to help our tall, dark and handsome relic; yoga, anyone?

Downward Facing Dog

Ichabod is pissed, big time at Katrina. She’s been holding back the truth and we all know that Ichabod is the poster child for truth, honor and Minutemen. Abbie’s advice to Ichabod is to work those buns and work out his stress. Ichabod has a better suggestion; down some brewskies at the neighborhood tavern. I just love Tom Mison’s expressions when faced with something new and unfamiliar. This man is handsome and funny.


The one thing that I’m enjoying about this series is the constant name dropping: George Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Benedict Arnold. Whenever Ichabod mentions one of the Colonial players, I search the internet to check facts. I love history, especially the unknown facts about our Revolutionary heroes. Ichabod never fails to tease me with his name dropping.

A ruckus in the bar introduces us to Sheriff Corbin’s son. Joe Corbin’s (Zach Appleman) been in Afghanistan fighting a war, but he’s back with an honorable discharge and the memory of his platoon being wiped out. He’s angry and it’s understandable, but his anger is directed at Abbie. So we learn that Sheriff Corbin, according to Joe, spent way too much time helping other people and ignoring him. He also blames Abbie for the Sheriff’s death.


Ichabod, having one too many beers, is a bit tipsy. While Abbie explains how she babysat for Joe when he was a kid, Ichabod is playing with the breath analyzer and fails the test. It is comical watching Ichabod as he stumbles through his dealings with modern technology like cars, smart phones and the internet, but his grasp of superheroes isn’t that far off, and he’s cool with Spider-Man and Superman.


With the news of a disturbance up at Pioneer Ridge, Ichabod and Abbie arrive at the scene just in time to meet the monster of the week. The victims of the drinking party have been torn apart and Joe is found unconscious with just a few scratches. Ichabod is suspicious and while Joe is brought to the hospital, our dynamic duo return to the Batcave to figure out what type of creature they are dealing with.



Not only are we treated to a new monster each week, but Ichabod is usually the one who figures out what the guest monster is. This week, we learn that Daniel Boone (yep… the man with the coonskin hat) had a brother known only as Squire Boone. Squire was cursed while at Valley Forge. It is said that things were so bad that winter at Valley Forge, that many men resorted to cannibalism. Squire Boone became a creature known as a wendigo. This creature has a taste for the internal organs of men. Oh yummy. It took the Shawnee tribe to cure Squire Boone. Could Joe be cursed? After speaking with Joe, they learn that he had received a letter than contained powder; supernatural anthrax. Joe killed the men in his platoon.


While Ichabod and Abbie enlist the help on my favorite sidekick stud muffin, Nick Hawley, Henry is harassing Captain Irving. The captain wants his soul back. John Noble is exasperatingly good at playing the bad guy. I want to strangle his “Henry”, but I can’t wait to see what trouble he stirs up. I like the bad Henry much better than last season’s helpful Henry.


Henry scored a point tonight because he was able to steal the ancient Chinese poison, Jincan from Team Crane. But, his plan to get Irving to murder his cellmate failed. No headless horseman tonight, but he’s in love and not so interested in those midnight rides. Katrina will have to be careful because her son is up to no good with his jar of Jincan.


With the help of a Shawnee Shaman, Ichabod used a skull, sacred words and a sharp obsidian blade to cure Joe. Tonight’s show used the magical formula that keeps us returning each week: monster of the week, check; Ichabod to the rescue, check; name dropping, check; Nick Hawley, double check, and Ichabod learning to play video games; priceless.

There is one more thing about Ichabod’s constant name dropping. Daniel Boone did have a brother, but Squire Boone lived to a ripe old age and nothing is mentioned about his having a taste for human organs.

See you next week, my little sleepy heads, and have a wonderful Halloween.



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