Sleepy Hollow S02 E05: The Weeping Lady



In last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” Captain Irving’s pricked finger brings bad news from Henry, and we got to meet a cool monster. With Halloween around the corner, my little sleepy heads, we meet a new monster of the week and it’s a ghost… or is she? What’s her connection to Ichabod’s past and who is flirting with Abbie?


While Katrina stays with Abraham (Neil Jackson), the sometimes Headless Horseman, Ichabod has made a friend. Caroline (Laura Spencer) is a fellow colonial re-enactor and she’s got “Crain on the Brain.” Yep, Caroline has it bad for our tall, dark and handsome relic. Caroline’s made new clothing for Ichabod for the upcoming Battle of Saratoga, but she is upset to learn that Ichabod belongs to another.


I have friends that do re-enactments of the Civil War. They take this activity quite seriously. Where I grab items from thrift shops to throw together my steampunk persona, these dedicated people re-enact battles of both the Union and Confederate Armies. Re-enactors must duplicate the battles down to the smallest detail, using their own funds to obtain authentic clothing, guns, and food for each event. I’ve been to Gettysburg many times and I’m always in awe with the detail spent on the clothing of both men and women re-enactors. Re-enactors help us visualize the horrors and the futility of war. You can learn more about re-enactments here and here.

Abraham and Katrina were engaged, promised to each other. He has never stopped loving her and he shows this in his actions towards her. In season one, I viewed the horseman as a heartless demon, but this season has me looking at Abraham differently. He sold his soul to the devil, that’s for sure, but it was for love. He had nothing to live for when Katrina ran off with Ichabod.


Abraham suspects that Katrina is using her magic to contact Ichabod, but he’s not quite sure how. After Abraham and Henry argue over Katrina, Henry finds something useful in Katrina’s personal possessions to use against her. I’ve noticed that Abraham and Henry are not as chummy as they once were.


We meet our monster of the week and it’s the Weeping Lady. Looking more like the creature from Mama, this ghostly woman in black begins to attack anyone who cares for Ichabod. Caroline is the first to die at her hands via drowning. Somehow, Abbie and Ichabod find evidence at the river that leads them to one of Sleepy Hollow’s legends about a woman, jilted by her lover, haunting the country side. You know when she is near because of her crying.


While Ichabod and Abbie are at the library doing research on this weeping legend, Nick Hawley, there doing his own research, flirts with Abbie. Adding Matt Barr to the cast is the best move yet for the show. Ichabod has a competitor not only in obtaining important artifacts, but for Abbie. We don’t know much about Nick and we’re not sure if he’s one of the good guys, but he’s a cutie and I love how riled up Ichabod gets when Nick is on the scene.


While Ichabod receives a message from Katrina via crow mail, the weeping lady attacks Abbie in the library. Thank goodness hunky Nick is there to do mouth to mouth. That piece of lace in Abbie’s hand is the clue to who the weeping lady is. We learn the identity of the ghost. It’s Ichabod’s former childhood friend, Mary (Heather Lind). They were promised to each other by their parents; money marries money, but Mary was too possessive for Ichabod. Nick gives Ichabod a crossbow and magic arrow to kill the ghost.


I’m enjoying this season of “Sleepy Hollow.” They finally got it right: Monster of the week, check; star crossed lovers, check; demons, check; saving the world from the apocalypse, check. Henry may think he’s in charge, but the occasional visits from Moloch soon set him straight; obey, Henry, obey.

Abraham may not be the bad guy we were led to believe, but Katrina is a liar. She has kept too many secrets from Ichabod and that may be a deal breaker, especially when Ichabod discovers that Mary accidently died by Katrina’s hand. Katrina goes home with Abraham and Ichabod is left to wonder what will become of his marriage.


Abbie sent Jenny to break the date with Nick, too bad. But, my little sleepy heads, there is always next week.

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