The Strain S01 E13: The Master


Last week’s episode of “The Strain” had Setrakian’s bat cave invaded by Herr Eichorst and his posse, Gus captured by the ninja vamps, and Team Setrakian on the run in their trusty bread truck. How will season one end? Will they find the Master? Grab a stick of dynamite and follow me.


Palmer and poor Fitzwilliams visit Setrakian’s pawn shop. Yes, my little blood banks, I did say Palmer. The old coot is up and about on just a few drops of the Master’s blood but he’s not a happy camper. He wants to know why he’s not immortal. Herr Eichorst reminds him that even in the world of vampires, the boss always has the upper hand and the Master isn’t ready to give Palmer life everlasting.

Fitzwilliams (Roger R. Cross) has been an unwilling witness to all the craziness between his boss and the vampires, but when Palmer takes the jar holding Mrs. Setrakian’s heart and places it on the shelf with all his withered organs, Fitzwilliam hands in his resignation. The first thing that came to mind when I saw all those jars on a shelf was The Governor from “The Walking Dead.”

Palmer is a nut job and he doesn’t like to take no for an answer. When he and Herr Eichorst visit the Secretary of Health Services, Maggie tells them that she is planning on advising the President to call in the National Guards and place New York under martial law.



I like Gus. He’s a street smart kid and this has helped him stay alive, but Gus has no idea why the ninja vamps have him blindfolded and cuffed; he will soon. Quinlin (Stephen McHattie) has a proposition for Gus. We need help and you want revenge. Will Gus take the deal?


Fet is the “go to” guy. He knows all about the city because of his profession and he suggests that the team scoop out an old theater. To get to the theater, they must find their way through underground tunnels that were used by the mob at one time to hide the booze for their speakeasies. Big cities like New York and Philadelphia have man-made underground tunnels, and in real life this is where most of the homeless or mole people go for shelter.


It can be quite dangerous, but Fet isn’t looking for humans; he and the gang are looking for the Master. The over-sized coffin is a sure clue that they are on the right track. When I was a teenager a few of my friends and I explored the tunnels of the Philadelphia subway system; scary as hell!


This kid has seen plenty, but he still doesn’t understand the danger. He’s a kid and he misses his mother. Ephraim’s failure to explain to his son that mom is no longer mom is poor judgment on his part. Setrakian’s giving Zach a silver sword isn’t worth much if the boy won’t use it against his mother, who we all know is coming for the boy.


Palmer handles Maggie’s threat to call on the President for help with a permanent solution. He tosses her over the balcony of a skyscraper. Ouch! While Palmer works a new deal with Barnes (Daniel Kash), team Setrakian heads for the tunnels in the bread truck. Don’t laugh. It may not be the Batmobile, but it hasn’t failed the team yet.

While Fet, Dutch and Nora fight off Herr Eichorst. Setrakian, Ephraim and Zach go searching for the Master (Robert Atkin Downes). They find him and think they have him trapped, but that would be too easy. The sun doesn’t kill the Master. Has he evolved enough to survive the sun’s rays?


I love Fet. I didn’t in the beginning, but he grew on me. This guy is prepared for all kinds of disasters and would be great as a member of the Zombie Squad. He even carries sticks of dynamite just in case the rats are too large. Fet and Dutch almost had Eichorst. I thought Herr Eichorst was a goner for sure… but then our favorite Nazi and the other vamps did some weird type of Michael Jackson back stepping when the Master called for help.

Gus found himself before a group of old and decrepit creatures that spend their time in a dream state. No! I’m not talking about Congress, although the ancients could pass for our “do nothing” government officials. Quinlin explains that these ancient creatures want Gus to help them hunt down the Master. It’s the old “Your enemy is my enemy” song and dance and Gus decides to help the Ninja’s. This is going to be good.

“The Strain” is signed up for a second season, but we’ll have to wait until next year to learn more about the ancients and Team Setrakian. In the meantime, “The Walking Dead” will return next Sunday with its fifth season and I’ll be doing the recaps. Zombies, vampires… they’re all the same. Humans fighting creatures who want to feed on them. It’s all about the food chain. I did an interview on one of the actors from “The Strain,” Drew Nelson who played the part of Matt Sayles. You can read part one here and see part two on Tuesday.

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  1. That was a good finale. I also love Fet in this, he’s my favourite 😀

    Did you hear that Kevin Durand might be playing Negan in the Walking Dead? He’d be great as him!

    1. He became mine, too. It’s funny, but I guess it takes a person dealing with roaches and rats to know how to survive blood suckers. Thank you for your support of Biff Bam Pop, Tim.

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