The Strain S01 E12: Last Rites


Last week’s episode of “The Strain” had Ephraim killing Matt, Gus facing his infected family, Fet inventing cool UV light bombs, and little Zach babysitting Nora’s mom. Fet knows how to kick butt and the master vampire likes to taunt, but we didn’t get to see Eichorst or the ninja vampires. Are you curious as to what The Master and Eichorst have planned for Team Setrakian? I am. Join me after the jump.


While Palmer, who is looking a bit green around the gills, longs for a visit from the master vampire, he is visited by the next best thing; Herr Eichorst. It seems the master doesn’t like to do guest appearances, but Palmer, who is hanging on to life tighter than a politician to a lobbyist’s pocket, patiently waits.


Back at the Bat Cave, while the team regroups, Setrakian visits his wife or what’s left of her in that specimen jar. So how did the former Mrs. Setrakian land in that jar? With the help of a few flashbacks we meet the owner of the heart and learn that maybe, just maybe, Setrakian should have taken Miriam’s advice to stay home. But, like all men with a vengeance to hand out a little justice, he leaves on another wild goose chase.

The Good news is Dutch (Ruta Gedmintus) is back! I like Dutch. I like any woman who’s more tech savvy than the men around her. Want to know who else is happy that Dutch is back? Fet, that’s who. I actually like the sexual innuendos and bantering back and forth between the Exterminator and the Queen of Tech. Dutch has a plan to get the news out to the public, will her plan work? Dutch ignores Ephraim’s nasty comments and gets down to business.


Gus needs some weapons and he needs them quick. Now, I’m guessing you would think a military base or police station would be the first place to check, right? Maybe on television, but in the real world, criminals have the best weapons. Cream is just the guy to go to for the needed guns, but while Gus is there, another gangster drops off loads of cash to move a shipping container. “What’s in the container?” Gus asks Cream.


Who’s that riding over the hill on a white horse? No, it’s not the Lone Ranger, but Setrakian. Going against his wife’s good advice, Setrakian is searching for the nesting place of the master and he may have found it. The tossed wrist watches and eye glasses beside a dried up well was Setrakian’s first clue that he hit pay dirt. Had it ever occurred to Setrakian that while he was out searching for the master, the master was searching for him? The flashbacks show that Setrakian’s tunnel vision on locating the master may prove his undoing.




Dutch’s use of the Emergency Alert System gets Ephraim his five minutes of fame and enough time to warn the populace of the truth behind the plague; kudos to Dutch and a “In your face” to Ephraim for not trusting the girl, but their celebration is cut short when Gabriel and Herr Eichorst and his homeboys attack the pawn shop. Mariela is infected in the raucous. Nora uses the sword on her mom, but there is a bright side to this. Mom has given up the smokes.

Palmer finally gets his visit from the master. Poor Fitzwilliams returns to find his boss out of bed and dancing in the rain. That look of “oh crap, the dog doo has hit the fan” expression on Fitzwilliams face is priceless. How many of us have worn that same expression when a dim witted boss dumped some sure to fail project on our desks. Don’t be shy. Raise your hand.

Gus and Cream find out what was in that shipping container and unfortunately for them, the cargo is hungry. Gus and Cream, who are fighting the vampires and each other, are saved by my favorite vampires. No, I’m not talking about Edward or Eric. I’m talking about the ninja vampires. They save the day, but take Gus with them. I wonder what they have planned for Gus.


Setrakian had to leave Miriam’s heart behind, much to Herr Eichorst’s glee, but there’s no one to blame but himself. Miriam only wanted a normal life and maybe a child or two, but she had a husband that could not control his lust for revenge. The last flashback shows Miriam returning to the family home with two infected children in tow and now we know how the heart landed in the specimen jar.


Next week’s episode is the season finale and I’m hoping to see more of the ninjas. I had the pleasure of interviewing Drew Nelson who played Matt Sayles, Kelly’s boyfriend. It will be posted on Biff Bam Pop!. He’s a pretty neat guy and I know you’ll enjoy the post.

Starting next week, I’ll be doing the recaps on “American Horror Story: Freak Show” and season five of “The Walking Dead.” Freaks and zombies… it doesn’t get any better than that. Keep safe, my little blood banks.

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