Sci-Fi Goes To The Roche Limit #1 On The Wednesday Run

Science fiction and comic books.

It’s like the raison d’etre of the pop culture medium these days, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. To varying degrees, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, the two big industry publishers, have had their fair share of sci-fi and fantasy titles of late, but it’s Image Comics that have reinvigorated and firmly cemented the genre in the imaginations of readers, new and old.

That trend continues today with the publication of the fascinating Roche Limit #1. Follow me after the jump for more on the new monthly series!

Roche Limit 1 coverRoche Limit #1

Written by: Michael Moreci

Illustrated by: Vic Malhotra

Published by: Image Comics

When a new comic book bills itself as a blending of elements that make up fan-favorite films, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner, you know that both science fiction and a modicum of hardcore science fact, is going to be omnipresent.

Indeed, that’s what Roche Limit is excitedly promising readers.

That news alone is enough to get many on-board the series, let alone the fact that the title is written by longtime friend, supporter and occasional contributor of Biff Bam Pop!, comic book scribe, Michael Moreci, whose Hoax Hunters series (also published by image Comics) was a genre fave.

You want a science fact? Here’s one:

The term “Roche limit” is a scientific phase that describes “the distance within which a celestial body, held together by its own gravity, will disintegrate due to a second celestial body’s tidal forces”. That’s from Wikipedia, naturally. An ominous statement, isn’t it? It’s one that definitely makes for a portentous, nerve-racking, monthly comic book story-line.

You see, in the future, after man has conquered the stars, Roche Limit is also the name of a space colony that lies on the edge of a mysterious energy anomaly – a futuristic dwelling full of men, women, crime and secrets. And when one of Roche Limit’s inhabitants goes missing, her sister will be plunged into the depths of the grim underworld that is humankind’s future.

In a clever mixing of the political, mystery, sci-fi, and noir genres, Roche Limit, like all great spec fiction, has something important to say about the kind of world we live in today. Under the guiding hands of writer Moreci and artist Malhotra, it promises to be the beginning of a compelling trilogy, a story full of excitement and wonder…and probably a little disintegration. That act is inherent in the title, after all.

Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up the first issue of Roche Limit today!

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