The Strain S01 E06: Occultation


We learned two things in episode 5 of “The Strain”: making house calls can be dangerous; a Strigoi and a Nazi are both evil creatures, and New York City is in deep guano. Yes, my little blood banks, the Master with Palmer’s help has started a plague that cannot be stopped. What does this have to do with the upcoming eclipse? Plenty! So grab your protective bag of garlic and follow me.

Cover Up

It’s all over the news, the eclipse is coming and while some treat the occultation as something to enjoy; others prepare for takeover. While the slimy Eichorst snacks on a human, the FBI is knocking on Kelly’s (Natalie Brown) door looking for Ephraim. It’s your classic government cover up and the whistle blower is always persecuted and made to look like the bad guy. After the feds leave, Ephraim tells Kelly that she needs to get out of town with Zach and her clueless boyfriend and get to somewhere safe, but jealous Matt (Drew Nelson) calls the cops and Ephraim is arrested. Kelly and Matt argue big time. Does she still have feelings for Ephraim?


Ephraim is taken into custody, but I don’t think these are your regular feds. They can’t be that stupid… well, maybe. They accuse Ephraim of killing Captain Redfern and they won’t allow him that one phone call or legal representation. Nora’s not doing any better at her end. With the law knocking on her door, she has to drag her poor befuddled Mom to safety, but where to?

Eichorst is on a roll tonight as he sends his henchman to summon Gus for one more dirty deed. Gus is not happy and challenges Eichorst, but our blood sucking dirt bag dropkicks Gus and Felix and they are forced to help Jim Kent dispose of Captain Redfern’s body. Hey, I thought Jim was on Ephraim’s side, but without that body, Eph is not getting out of jail anytime soon.

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Enter the Rat Man

The eclipse might be coming, but Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand) has seen the light. After his encounter with a few Strigoi in the sewer, he tries to warn a few fellow exterminators, but his warning falls on deaf ears. Later when Fet returns to his office he finds it empty… curious about the scratching sounds coming from the supply closet, Fet investigates and is attacked by his boss.


Setrakian’s List

I love this guy! He’s like a senior citizen Energizer Bunny. Setrakian has a list and he’s making his rounds, but unlike Santa, it’s not gifts he’s delivering. Sword in hand he dispatches a few of the newly infected and then burns the house down. Setrakian has a bad heart and barely escapes the creatures.


Remember the medical examiner? I don’t know about you, but I was wondering where the good doctor had gotten to. It seems he’s taking in the sights of the Big Apple and snacking on people as he goes. Ephraim is in the back of the police cruiser when Bennett attacks the two federal agents. While Ephraim escapes, Bennett runs into Gus and Felix.


Bennett is dead thanks to Gus, but Felix is infected and no one listens to Ephraim as the plague spreads. Kelly decides to stay in her home and watch the eclipse with Zach. If my husband, ex or otherwise, worked for the Department of Health and he told me to pack up and run because of a plague…I would be packed and gone in the blink of an eye, and yet, Kelly stays put.


Fet tries to warn his father of the horror that is coming with the eclipse, but in his father’s eyes, Fet is a failure and nothing more than an exterminator; a disappointment to the whole family.  If you’re wondering how Fet escaped the boss, it’s because Fet found a secret weapon against the Strigoi; sunlight.

Ephraim, Nora and her mom are hiding out at Setrakian’s store, but the eclipse is in full occultation and the plague is spreading way too fast to do anything. I wish that Setrakian would just spit it out and say what needs to be done instead of all this mystery double meaning blah, blah, blah. Remember Matt? Kelly’s boyfriend was hoping that a bouquet of flowers would help Kelly forget about his betraying Ephraim, but the Strigoi had other plans.

Since early times, some people believed an eclipse to be a bad omen. Today we would call them silly superstitions, but, my little blood banks as we’ve learned in tonight’s episode; some superstitions are based on true events.  See you next week and keep away from the sewers.


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