Trailer Time – Big Hero 6


The partnership between Disney and Marvel has been very good for everyone involved. Some of the best live action superhero comic book movies of all time have resulted. But now, Disney is digging a little deeper into the Marvel vaults for an animated feature. Meet me after the jump for the new trailer of Big Hero 6.

More obscure than popular, Big Hero 6 is a group of superheroes in Japan, that in the comics were created by Steve Seagle in Alpha Flight and eventually got their own series. How much this feature will resemble the comic is up in the air, as the team’s membership included Sunfire and Silver Samurai, who may or may not be licensed to the X-Men film franchise at Fox. Either way, this looks very cool.

Big Hero 6, from the folks who brought us Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph, is set to launch in theaters on November 7, 2014, be there!


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