Defiance S02 E04: Beast of Burden



Holy freaking homecoming from hell! How many of my little Votans thought that our little Stahma was a goner on last week’s episode? Thank goodness Alak was there to save mommy dearest from crazy Datak. I’m guessing that things are going to be a bit uncomfortable with the Tarr family, but my money is on Stahma. Captain Berlin and Pottinger are doing another propaganda film while on a road trip, but I have a feeling their convoy will not reach its final destination. Let’s head over and check on the merry citizens of Defiance.

Men Behaving Badly

Unbeknownst to Pottinger (James Murray) and Captain Berlin, who are with a convoy that’s transporting mining equipment across the badlands, they are about to be held up by bandits wearing weird hockey masks. The bandits kill everyone except Pottinger and Berlin. The lead bandit, which we learn is Josef (Ryan Kennedy), has Pottinger strip to his whitey tighties. I’m guessing this was to show us that the E-Rep’s peeping tom works out. What I didn’t expect was for the Josef to urinate on Pottinger. Not a smart move by Josef on oh so many levels.



Datak (Tony Curran) is an evil man. I guess it’s his culture or maybe he’s just a creep, but after nearly killing his wife for forgetting her place, he then turns his attention to Alak for siding with his mother. Alak and Stahma have pointed out that business is up since Stahma took over, but Datak is a control freak and an abuser. To prove to his crew that he’s the boss, Datak kills one of his men in cold blood and then severely burns Alak’s hand. Datak is so full of himself that he doesn’t realize that our Stahma will not bend her knee in supplication for too much longer.

Defiance - Season 2

What’s with Tommy? While Captain Berlin tries to recover some of her video with the hope of learning the identity of the bandits, Tommy tells her that he can’t wait until Nolan and Irisa are gone. He doesn’t care for Irisa anymore. Really, Tommy, then why did you kiss Irisa? Tommy is so eager to win the approval of the E-Rep that he’s no longer likeable.

Josef in his haste to seek revenge has put Rafe in danger. Rafe is in a precarious situation, but Josef is his godson and family must be protected even when they do stupid things.

Women Acting Bravely

Can you imagine a world where men treat women like property? Yes, I know there are ignorant human men who think this way now, the dumb Shtakos, but I kind of expected an advanced race to be past this unevolved way of thinking. We see Stahma suffering through Datak’s threats and bad manners. What Datak doesn’t realize is that Stahma (Jaime Murray) is a better mob boss than he ever was. Stahma bribes two E-Rep soldiers to humiliate Datak publicly, but when Datak hurts her son, Stahma goes ‘Tony Soprano’ on him.



Amanda (Julie Benz) and Nolan (Grant Bowler) are enjoying an afternoon romp between the sheets, when Pottinger sends Nolan and Irisa to find the bandits. Poor Amanda, she was a good mayor and you would think that Pottinger would value her advice, but no, he insults her for forgetting her place.

Defiance - Season 2

Later, Amanda learns a secret about Pottinger and reveals one of her own. He was a young boy when he was brutalized by soldiers and Amanda was raped while working in New York. The rape led to a pregnancy that was ended. Did Amanda really expect Pottinger to bond over their sharing of hurtful times? Do pigs fly?

Conclusion and Consequences

Every action has a reaction and there are many in tonight’s show. Did Josef really thing he could kidnap Captain Berlin (Anna Hopkins) and get away with it or that he could convince her to betray the people she works for? Rafe (Graham Greene) and Nolan find Josef before he kills Berlin, but it’s Rafe who has to kill the boy and it breaks his heart. He’s lost so much, but he’s about to lose more.

Defiance - Season 2

Nolan and Irisa are doing their best to protect the people of Defiance, but Pottinger isn’t the only one they have to watch out for. I’ve lost my trust in Tommy and I think Nolan and Irisa have, too.

Datak is an obnoxious man who thinks he is above everyone else; he was dead wrong. The graceful Stahma proved to her errant husband that she was the true leader in this marriage, regardless of what was written in the holy book. Datak’s men showed their loyalty to Stahma by beating Datak into a bloody pulp and tossing him out like the trash he was.


No good deed goes unpunished. Pottinger likes to be in control, and like Datak, he’s a creep. Even though Rafe saved Captain Berlin, Pottinger evicted him from his home. Men behaving badly!

See you next week, my little Votans.

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