In the Flesh S02 E05


Sometimes, you have to take a stand even when it’s dangerous to do so. Philip stood up for the partially deceased and became an outcast. Amy learned that Simon wasn’t into her, but Philip was. Kieren finally told us what happened on his rising, but will he fall victim to Maxine’s plans to rid the world of the partially dead? Wipe your face clean and join me at the Norfolk treatment center for my recap of this week’s “In The Flesh.”


When Kieren kissed Simon in episode four, I don’t think he realized how much his life would change. His fate now lies in Simon’s hands and with the Roarton Council. Trial without jury or a lawyer is what Kieren can expect from the townsfolk. While Kieren denies being involved with the releasing of the two rabid escapees, Simon has a visitor.


Through flashbacks we learn what happened to Simon and why he’s a believer in the Prophet. Drs. John Weston (Steven Robertson) and Victor Halperin (Darren Morfitt) use chemical injections, electric shock therapy and some nasty dissecting to revive the partially deceased and make them more human. But, it’s during one of these treatments that Simon hears the voice of the Prophet. While Victor feels that the partially deceased are a superior breed, John thinks of them as nothing more than reanimated corpses.


All this time, I thought that Kieren’s dad was on his son’s side and that he loved Kieren no matter what, but when Kieren appears at the dinner table without contacts or makeup, dad’s true feelings come out. When Kieren is arrested Steve Walker (Steve Cooper) doesn’t speak up for his son. Why? Kieren’s revelation of what happened after he clawed his way out of the grave probably had something to do with this. The Roarton Council tells Kieren that he either signs the confession or he goes back to Norfolk for re-tuning. Kieren feels alone and for the first time, he’s realizing that he doesn’t have his family’s support.

While Simon waits for Julian to deliver the Dead Prophet’s instructions for handling Kieren, he thinks back to the day he was allowed to visit with his parents while at Norfolk, but mom is not there. “Where’s mom?” Simon asks his dad. The father walks out of the center unable to tell Simon that mom had become a zombie snack.


Once Simon is home with dad, they try to act normal, but only if you ignore the crossbow sitting next to dad’s reclining chair. Dad is having trouble forgetting and forgiving. It seems that Simon killed mom, and some things can’t be forgiven. Simon is thrown out of the house, but he has a contact number. He makes the call and meets the other disciples.

Even the evil witch of the Wes (Maxine) t is having parent problems. We overhear her arguing with someone on a payphone. It’s her dad and it has to do with her brother or so we assume by what she tells Sandra.


Amy is in love with Philip, but her seizures are getting worse. She’s afraid she’s experiencing rabidication. The meds are not working and our little cheerleader for the partially deceased is afraid that she’ll start snacking on neighbors. While Philip and Amy play a few rounds of crazy golf, her hands begin to shake. Is she cold? Amy tells Philip that she can’t feel anything. Nothing! Not the cold, not even the pinch to her cheek.


After Amy stops by to visit her BDFF, Kieren, she heads out to the woods and sits in a leaky tent. It’s raining and she’s writing out her last will and testament when Philip enters. Afraid that she’s now immune to the daily injections, she hands Philip some cute pink fur handcuffs. “Kill me before I become rabid,” she pleads. Philip raises the screwdriver over his head.

The Message

Julian (Anthony Flanagan), another disciple of the Prophet brings a video for Simon to watch. On the 12th hour of the 12th day in the 12th month, Simon needs to kill Kieren in order to begin the second rising. Julian hands Simon the satchel with the weapons needed to accomplish the deed. Simon agonizes over obeying the Prophet vs. killing the man he loves, while Gary steals the CD and notebook and shows them to Maxine. It seems that Kieren is scheduled to be sacrificed during the town festival.

Maxine is invited to watch television with Sandra and her husband Clyde, and his very dead mother. When Sandra refuses to give her mother-in-law a glass of wine, Mums, who watched the show the previous night, gets even with spoiler alerts. This scene was hilarious, and Maxine learns a secret about Sandra.

s2 e5


Will Simon kill Kieren? I don’t know, but whenever religion is involved, it’s never good.  Amy feels the rain hitting her face before Philip can kill her. What does this mean for her and the rest of the partially deceased? Kieren has seen the fear in his parent’s eyes and his sister has a gun.

Julian’s rant to Simon about morality, ethics and surviving life and death made more sense than anything else said on tonight’s episode, but here is a trick question. Is Julian the Prophet or is it one of the doctors at the treatment center?

Good ole Sandra was cheating on her husband when the dead began to rise. She saw the whole thing and she points at a photo on Maxine’s wall. We are left to wonder who the first risen really is. I hope we learn more on next week’s season finale.


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