Orphan Black S02 E01: Nature Under Constraint and Vexed


They’re back! Yes, the clones of “Orphan Black” are back in all their genetic sequencing, patented genomes, and multiple copies glory! Or should I say, she’s back. I’m talking the amazing Tatiana Maslany who has made “Orphan Black” one of the best BBC American shows around. Tatiana Maslany is so adept at playing multiple characters that you find yourself believing each character is real. Last season ended with our favorite collective hive being hunted down by the Proclone Bee, Rachael Duncan. Someone has taken Sarah’s daughter, Kira. Who was it and why? Find out after we do a little splicing of your genes.

Clone on the Run

Mrs. S and Kira are missing and our favorite clone, Sarah is on the run and looking for some friends to help her, but no one is answering their phone. When Sarah stops at a café, for coffee and a place to hide, the bad guys, who resemble something right out of Men in Black, try to take her into custody.



Sarah, our rascally little street wise urchin, escapes their clutches and goes looking for Felix (Jordan Gavaris) which she finds in a club among his entourage. I so love, Felix and his bare buttocks revealing outfit. When Sarah drags him out of the club, you know he’ll do everything in his power to help his sister, which is more than I can say for Paul (Dylan Bruce). He’s playing both teams and I want to trust him, but I don’t.


Alison is my favorite of the clones. She’s one crazy ninja soccer mom. Last season, she stood by while her neighbor lost a battle with the garbage disposal and this year she’s in a musical. She’s the lead star, thanks to dead neighbor. When Felix asks Alison for weapons, she goes to her gun dealer, Ramone. Is everybody in Alison’s suburb crazy? Ramone aka gun dealer is the bag boy at the local shopping center with enough weapons to run his own army. When Dyad’s men in black mistakenly take Alison, she goes total ninja on them. She’s like the Terminator, but can she trust her husband?


Cosima is sick, very sick and she only has the files given to her by Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer) to figure out how to cure her symptoms. Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) swears that she’s on Cosima’s side, but I don’t know. She seems to keep the good doctor updated on all our clones. Was Dr. Leekie really upset to learn that Cosima’s symptoms are advancing?


I think Rachael is going to be Tatiana Maslany’s best character, yet. I love how Maslany plays Rachael with such spicy venom. Rachael is a woman used to getting what she wants, even her own clone’s head on a platter. Rachel even has Dr. Leekie watching his back. I can’t wait to see how wicked she is.

Detective Art Bell

Poor Art Bell (Kevin Hanchard) has lost his partner, Beth and now he’s learning that there may be more than two Sarah’s running around. Even though Detective Angela (Inga Cadranel) would be just as happy to lock all the clones away forever, Art has taken a liking to Sarah and wants to help her. He does come up with a clue.


“Orphan Black,” the BBC America hit about clones, did it again! It hooked us viewers in Season one with its well written plots and real science facts on the pros and cons of cloning. With the premier of Season two, it has taken us by the hand as we followed Sarah in her search for Kira and introduced us to the back room deals made by Rachael and the Dyad Corporation in their quest to patent, own and create human clones.


Luckily for us, the Supreme Court ruled recently on the side of humanity that corporations could not patent natural DNA…but they can patent synthetic DNA. I don’t know if I like the sound of that. But, as far as Orphan Black goes, we all know that the Proclone Queen, Rachael Duncan and the Dyad Corporation won’t let a little old Supreme Court ruling stop them from their secret agenda.

Orphan Black

Rachael told Sarah she doesn’t have Kira (Skyler Wexler). Who does? Detective Bell has a clue. It may be a group of religious fanatics. This episode ended with few surprises. Sarah gave Rachael a well deserved beating. Someone is taking photos of a captive Kira. Helena the mad hatter clone is alive. I did not see this coming. See you next week, my little clone army and hang on to your DNA.

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