Resurrection S01 E06: Home


Things are getting a bit stranger than normal in good ole Arcadia. Caleb vanishes from jail and Rachel is pregnant with a clone/alien baby, which leaves us to wonder who the daddy is. Maggie has called in a friend for some advice. How long before the world finds out what’s going on in Arcadia? Find out after the jump.


“There is no life or death.” That’s what Caleb told Agent Bellamy before vanishing. What did he mean by that?  Sheriff Langston (Matt Craven) replays the video over and over of Caleb’s vanishing. One minute the man is there and the next; gone. How will he explain this on the police report? Lucille and Henry are worried that Jacob will vanish, too.


The people of Arcadia are getting antsy over the recent arrival of Rachael and the disappearance of Caleb. When Sheriff Fred goes to a friendly poker game, he learns that one of his friends has enough weapons to start his own war. Yep, the man has that “when in doubt, wave a gun” mentality.

Maggie has a friend from the National Institute of Health. Dr. Eric Ward (James Tupper) has a crush on Maggie and theories about latitude x the number of years the returned were dead and where they were found, but since I’m lousy at math, I won’t even try to explain this formula. He also talks about portals to other worlds and clones. He wants to take Jacob back to the Institute for tests. That’s not good. The military will step in when they hear about Jacob. I was hoping that Dr. Ward would talk more about his theories, but he didn’t.



Pastor Tom tells his infertile wife about Rachael’s pregnancy and Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) is not a happy camper. Poor Rachael, she not only died and returned, but she’s pregnant, too. Janine is pissed and spills the beans to the Queen of Gossip, Helen. I love Veronica Cartwright’s portrayal of the town gossip. She’s scary to watch. Helen takes the job of neighborhood busy-body to the next level and visits Rachael. Beware of “Holier than thou” people. They’re crazy. Helen warns Rachael that something bad is going to happen at church. Like what? An extra passing of the collection plate?

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Pastor Tom has never seen the pews so packed. Everyone knows that gossip fills pews faster than sermons. The townsfolk are in an uproar. They want the dead gone. Gary (Kevin Sizemore) tries to incite a riot and Helen (bless her bible thumping heart, picks this moment to tell the parishioners about the baby. I don’t think Rachael will be getting a baby shower.


I think Jacob will be in danger no matter where he goes. What will the tests at the Institute of Health reveal, and does it really matter. Henry is finally coming to terms with the return of Jacob and the possibility of losing him again. Tom and Janine are on the outs. Sheriff Fred has come face to face with Arcadia’s aficionados of mass weapons of destruction AKA gunoholics. Rachael has been kidnapped by good ole Gary and one of Fred’s deputies. Like Caleb said, “There is no life or death.” But… there sure are a lot of crazy people with guns. Can’t wait until the next episode to see what happens to Rachael. Stay safe and see you all on April 27th.

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