February Faves: Marie Gilbert’s Favorite Wicked Women

draft_lens17727736module148973952photo_1300451004crown-vintage-graphicIn my last post I named a few contenders for the title of King of Bad. There were many deserving candidates, but in the end only one King, The Governor (David Morrissey). We have three ladies from three different series fighting for this next title and it may turn into a big catfight so you better head for cover. Which three ladies have I chosen to battle it out for the title of Queen B? Find out after the jump.


Meow #1

When “Bates Motel” premiered last year, no one was prepared for Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga). This little vixen came out scratching at the eyes and the audience was left, unprepared. Norma was used to getting what she wanted, when she wanted it, and heaven help you if you got in her way. Even her sons weren’t safe from her conniving ways. Even though her older son, Dylan (Max Thieriot) was on to her tricks, poor Norman (Freddie Highmore) the younger boy wasn’t; making him easily manipulated.


Like a black widow spider, Norma Bates weaved her web hoping to seduce and control Deputy Zack Shelby (Mike Vogel), Sheriff Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell) and even Mr. Abernathy (Jere Burns), but the town of White Pine Bay has its own secrets; dangerous ones, and our little feline has to watch her back. Now don’t you fret my little horror fans, because Norma Bates has little Norman to rule over and she is turning her sweet son into a dangerous psycho. Will Norma Bates win the title of Queen B?


Hiss #2

With the premiere of “American Horror Story: Coven,” we were faced with three contenders to the title. It was a Witches’ Ball from hell. Fiona (Jessica Lange), Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) and Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) were so wicked they made ‘BAD’ an Olympic Event. Delphine tortured every poor soul who crossed her path and she made bigotry her hobby. Losing her head did nothing to tame her wild and wily ways. Marie Laveau may have had the best Hair Salon in New Orleans, but it was her Voodoo magic that struck fear in her enemies as she called forth the dead from their graves.


But, in the end there was only one witch mean enough to make it to the finals and that was the Supreme herself, Fiona. I’ve seen plenty of evil witches in my time beginning with my introduction of Disney’s Snow White, but Fiona outdid them all with her tigress like stride; she bedazzled her admirers as she ripped out their hearts. Even her own daughter Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) wasn’t safe from dear old mom’s insane jealousy and cunning. But… as wicked as Fiona was, could she take the title of Queen B?


Purr #3

With the premier of Defiance, we were introduced to our next contender. “Defiance” is a new series on the SyFy channel about aliens and humans surviving on an apocalyptic Earth. Stahma Tarr (Jaime Murray) reminds you of a Siamese cat as she slinks her seductive body through the town of Defiance; doing anything she can to ensure her husband’s success. There is a whole lot of Shtako going on whenever Stahma’s in a scene. Stahma may play the obedient and proper wife of Datak, but don’t be fooled. This kitten is dangerous as she matches wits with the lawman, Nolan (Grant Bowler) and the town’s mayor, Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz). Even Datak Tarr (Tony Curran), her husband is not safe from her sharp claws and woe to those who fall in love with Stahma; she has a poison for every occasion. Just ask Kenya Rosewater (Mia Kirshner).



Decisions, decisions, it was harder to choose a Queen B than it was for the King of Bad. Why? Well women are so much better at bad; they’re smarter. We have to be to survive as long as they have with all these bad men around. As much as I love Norma Bates and Fiona Goode, they’ve lost this catfight to a pro. So give a pat on the back to our new Queen B, the scrumptious Stahma Tarr, but do so at your own risk; this kitten has claws.

Jaime Murray did a two part interview for Biff Bam Pop! and in truth; she’s nothing like her character on “Defiance.” Jaime is a sweetheart and I enjoyed interviewing her. Check out Jaime Murray’s interview here and here.

Were you happy with my choice of Queen B, if not, who is your favorite wicked woman?

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