Steampunk Granny Checks Out Resurrection


Resurrection” is a new show scheduled for March 9, 2014 on ABC. This is the American version of a French show that I’ve mentioned in an earlier post.  Just like in “The Returned,” which was created by Fabrice Gobert and Canal + and shown on The Sundance Channel, “Resurrection” deals with the dead  coming back years after they’ve died. No, I’m not talking zombies. These dead people are unchanged and unaware that they had died. Why is this happening? Find out after the jump. resurrection cast Plot “Resurrection” is based on the novel The Returned written by Jason Mott and developed for television by Aaron Zelman, Brad Pitt and Jason Mott. The American version stars Omar Epps as Martin Bellamy, Matt Craven as Sheriff Fred Langston, Devin Kelley as Maggie Langston and Landon Gimenez as Jacob Garland as the eight year old boy who drowned thirty-two years earlier. The boy wakes up to find himself in a rice paddy in a Chinese province. How he got there and what he knows about his resurrection is the puzzle that needs to be solved. Sheriff Langston is wondering if his dead wife, Barbara, will also return. This is not a zombie movie, but when you have dead people returning from the other side; something is likely to happen and not in a good way. Poster for Returned Conclusion “The Returned,” the French version is sub-titled and that seems to turn off some people from watching the show; it shouldn’t because the show is worth watching. I’m curious to see if the American version, “Resurrection,” will be able to serve up the frights as well as its French cousin? From the few previews that I’ve seen, it’s looking good and I am keeping a positive outlook on the success of the show. I’m not always right in my calls on new shows and it wasn’t too long ago when I’d learned that an American version of “Being Human” was being made for the Syfy Channel and I had foolishly predicted the show would not live up to the BBC America version; I was dead wrong. The American version of “Being Human” is awesome and I’ve become one of its biggest fans. So… to play it safe, I’ll be watching the first few episodes of “Resurrection,” and… if this new series turns out to be just as good as “The Returned” then I’ll be watching and championing both shows. See you on March 9th.

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  1. The French series and Resurrection are unrelated. Resurrection is based on the book The Returned by Jason Mott, the French series was based on a movie called They Came Back. Other than the concept (which they also share with the movie Yomigaeri and the comic Revival) they are completely unrelated.

  2. I need something to fill the TV void left by short seasons of Sleepy Hollow and Dracula…I’ll give Resurrection a shot!

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