Sleepy Hollow: The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood

Ichabod & Harry ep 12

Are you ready, my little sleepy heads, for the season finale? This is a two-part ‘hang on to your little noggins’ night. Will Ichabod and Abbie save the world? Will Katrina escape from Purgatory? Will Ichabod ever find his son? Who will the featured creature be tonight and who will survive the season finale? We’ll start with Episode 12, “The Indispensable Man.” Meet me after the jump.

George’s Bible

Last episode, we had Ichabod and Abbie discovering a secret message inside George Washington’s Bible dated four days after his death. They need to find out how this was possible. I need to find out where the writers come up with this stuff. While Abbie has a visit with our favorite Pez dispenser, Andy, Ichabod has a hell of a time with his cell phone service and demands a new cell phone. Really? When did Ichabod get so techy?

Abbie ep 12

Andy loves Abbie, but he also wants the map that is hidden in the Bible. If Abbie helps him, she’ll get great front row seats to the apocalypse. Andy warns Abbie that Ichabod will betray her. Later, when Abbie and Ichabod are together, they find a secret message in George Washington’s Bible along with the new and improved version of the Lazarus story. This Bible has more secrets than the C.I.A. What and how does Ichabod know so much about the Masons if he isn’t one of them?

First Zombie of the United States

What are the writers smoking? This is one hell of a strange story. It seems that George Washington was able to come back to life after he died. Yes indeed, my little sleepy heads, with the help of some magic and rosary beads, we are treated to our nation’s first Yankee Doodle Zombie. And… wait… for… it… George Washington came back from the dead just to jot down the directions to purgatory. George Washington’s body and map are at a secret location. Henry Parrish is called in to help our Dynamic Duo find the secret tomb, which in my opinion looked like something right out of the film, National Treasure 2. I kept expecting Nicholas Cage to show up. I love how Abbie just happens to know Latin and can decipher the messages in the tomb. Everything is so convenient; too convenient.


Captain Irving’s daughter is being blamed for the deaths of the two people who were possessed. Will the Captain be able to protect Macey? Andy has disappointed Moloch the demon and is now encased in a cocoon. Will he become a butterfly? Ichabod promises Abbie that he will not betray her to Moloch. He burns the map, but does he keep his promise?

Abbey ep 13

Episode 13: Bad Blood

I liked the second part of the season finale much better than the first. All the main characters are in trouble and we’re never sure who the enemy is until the very end. Henry Parrish tells Ichabod and Abbie that he had a dream about the second horseman, and he’s on the way.

They need witchcraft to defeat this newest pesky bearer of death and destruction. Now where can they find a witch? I know a Coven located in New Orleans that I can recommend, but Ichabod and Henry decide to bring Katrina back from Purgatory. But… you say the map was burned, right? Conveniently, Ichabod has a photogenic memory and recreates the map from scratch.



Abbie, against her sister Jenny’s advice helps Ichabod and Henry find Purgatory before the scheduled solar eclipse. Was this eclipse also conveniently added to the story? Did they mention it before? I thought we were going on another wild ride, compliments of the writers, but I promise, this episode does get better. While Jenny searches for a church, Abbie and Ichabod find the entrance to Purgatory. The writers of the show probably attended the same Catholic School that I did, because Purgatory was exactly like our religious teacher described it; depressing and like eternal homeroom detention.

Abbie and Ichabod wind up in a ‘Nexus’ type universe where everything is back to normal: Abbie is eating pie A La Mode with Corbin and Andy and Ichabod is in a world where the British won the war with the states. I picked up on the whole Nexus “Star Trek Generations” connection because Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci were writers for the newer 2009 Star Trek and the 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness. I liked it. Kudos, gentlemen!

Thankfully, Abbie and Ichabod regain their memory in time for Ichabod to betray Abbie. Oh yes, he does. The only way Katrina can leave purgatory is for Abbie to stay. How did I not see this coming? While this is going on, Jenny finds the church along with a name and Captain Irving confesses to the murders to protect his daughter.

Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow, Episode 6 - The Sin Eater

Conclusion and Big Spoiler Alert

Although I wasn’t too impressed with the first part of the season finale, I loved the second part. The lost souls in Purgatory were scary. Ichabod did not keep his promise to Abbie; he used her to save his wife. Katrina can’t use her magic to stop the second horseman. Captain Irving is in handcuffs and unable to help his friends and Jenny has met with a serious accident, compliments of the Headless Horseman. But the shocker of the night was Henry Parrish.

Always the concerned helpmate, always the one with clues that seem to help Ichabod and Abbie fight Moloch, Henry Parrish is really the second horseman of the apocalypse and Ichabod and Katrina’s long lost son, Jeremy. To the music of the Rolling Stones‘ “Sympathy for the Devil,” Katrina is taken away by the Headless Horseman and Ichabod is put in Jeremy’s old grave. Okay, I’m hooked and I can’t wait until next season. How about you?

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