Dracula S01 E08: Come to Die

Dracula - Season 1

Like a page torn from the Star Wars story, our rascally greedy men of the Brotherhood aka Order of the Dragon have used their power, shady dealings and money to attack Grayson’s fledgling Energy Company. How did this happen? Was Dracula too busy wooing Mina? Was Van Helsing too preoccupied with revenge to notice? And what will the merry men of the Order do now that they have that portrait? Find out after the jump.

Lady Jane ep 8

A Lady’s Choice

While Mina sneaks through Van Helsing’s secret collection, Ninja Jayne is busy hunting down the other vampires in London. She meets up with Ladybird, a vixen vampire who will not give up the identity or the location of the elder vampire. I was disappointed that Ladybird (Melanie Liburd) lasted less than five minutes on the screen. She would have been an interesting addition to the cast, but we won’t know now. Ninja Jayne is so pissed with Grayson that when he drops by uninvited for the usual romp in the sack, she turns him away. Ninja Jayne is no one’s dummy and she knows that Grayson has the hots for Mina. I know Jayne is the baddie in the show, but I like her; she’s kick-ass awesome and, she is one of the reasons viewers keep returning every Friday night to watch the show.

Lucy ep 8

After cry baby, Jonathan Harker, realizes he was tricked by Grayson concerning General Shaw, he forbids Mina to have anything to do with Grayson. I love Mina’s reaction. She asks Jonathan Harker, “If he’s that bad, why are you still working for him?” Good question Mina, but aren’t you lighting both ends of the candle by flirting with Grayson.

And, what is Mina’s former BFF up to? Lucy is using the tricks she learned from Jayne to tempt Jonathan. She wants a kiss. He says no. None of our ladies are happy with the men tonight.


Jonathan wants revenge on Grayson because deep down in his heart he suspects there might be something going on between Grayson and Mina. Grayson/Dracula wants revenge because his company was sabotaged and Mina is upset with him. Renfield’s angry because his master is angry. He has to find a way to get even with Davenport and Browning. I love Renfield. He’s cool, calm, dignified, and will do anything to protect Dracula. Van Helsing is so busy planning his revenge on the Order of the Dragon that he doesn’t care that Grayson might lose the energy company. No one is happy.

Dracula - Season 1


Because of the stolen portrait, Davenport knows Grayson has feelings for Mina. He sends his henchmen to capture and torture Mina. I was surprised to see Mina put up such a good fight. When Hackett tries to pour acid onto Mina’s face, Dracula comes to the rescue. Mina is badly injured with two love sick men at her hospital bed. When she describes one of the attackers, Jonathan heads over to Davenport’s home.

Mina & Dracula ep 8

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

On the last two episodes, it was Storm troopers of the Brotherhood who had the upper hand. Dracula looked like a Jedi fighter down for the count, but things are never what they seem. Jonathan accidentally shoots Davenport and sees the portrait; Mina’s portrait. Browning comes home to find his children missing from their beds. Peter Pan? Dracula pours out his heart to the sleeping Mina and we get to see a flashback of happier times. Lucy gets her revenge and her kiss from Jonathan. I like tonight’s show, but it would have been nice to learn more about Ladybird and the underground vampire hive. Dracula can wipe out the Order of the Dragon one hand tied behind his back. Why doesn’t he? He has the force within him.

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