American Horror Story: Coven S03 E10: The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

Ep 10 Stevie Nicks

Heads are rolling! What else can happen to Delphine LaLaurie? Your guess is as good as mine with all this crazy stuff going on in New Orleans. The dead never stay dead and the living can be outright nuts! Mamma Joan is one sick nut job, and you might want to think twice before Myrtle prepares the next dessert. Hank died while going postal on the Queen of Voodoo. Will Stevie Nicks save the day? Find out after the jump.

White Witch

Kudos to American Horror Story and their kick ass return from the holiday hiatus. While Fiona and Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) become BBF’s and make plans to take down the witch hunting hive known as Delphi Trust, we along with Misty and the students of Miss Robichaux’s School of Screw Ups are treated to the appearance of the White Witch herself, the fabulously talented, Stevie Nicks. I love Stevie, and she sings one of my favorite songs, “Rhiannon,” before handing over her signature shawl to Misty (Lily Rabe). Stevie Nicks had been invited to the school by Fiona to help with Misty’s grooming as Supreme.

Stevie & Misty ep 10

Madison, who was hoping for a visit from Emimen, and not Stevie Nicks, is jealous of Misty as a contender for the coveted crown and makes plans to eliminate her competition. The green eyed monster even draws poor innocent Nan into the petty battle of who will be the next supreme. Madison (Emma Roberts) makes her move while participating in a New Orleans Style funeral when she shows Misty that she’s also able to raise the dead. In one swift shove, Madison rids herself of her pesky opponent and takes the precious shawl.

Papa Legba

Marie Laveau owes her soul to the Voodoo Demon (Lance Riddick). Every year he returns for his payment; a newborn infant. Years ago, it was Marie’s own child, but now she steals babies from the hospital nursery. When Fiona finds out about Papa, she wants to make a deal; her health for her soul. There is just one little problem; Fiona has no soul. But, Papa will settle for an innocent.

Papa Legba s3 e10


Poor Cordelia has lost her husband and one of her students. Is Queenie dead? Will she stay dead? I hope not. Fiona has turned on her daughter, banning her from her sight, but when Cordelia seeks comfort from Myrtle, she’s told “What are your options when your mother is Hilary Clinton.” I would love to be a fly on the wall when the “AHS” writers are coming up with these lines; too hilarious. Let’s not forget our Little Nan and her boy toy, Luke. When Nan (Jamie Brewer) and Zoe learn on a visit to the hospital that Luke is dead, they visit mommy dearest, the Clorox queen herself, Joan.  Paybacks are murder.

Nan ep 10

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

I was so excited about Stevie Nicks being on the show, but I was hoping for her to have a bigger part. Misty’s acting star struck and groupie gaga over Stevie Nicks and her shawl was a hoot. Madison’s stealing the shawl; priceless. There is a war coming between the Witch Hunters of Delphi Trust and the Women of Magic. Who will win out in the end? Madison is out to win the crown from Fiona. The dead never stay dead but we are left in the dark on the fate of Queenie and Delphine. Papa Legba is one hell of a scary Voodoo King and since Marie Laveau will not part with the infant, Nan is drowned and handed over to him. I was not expecting that. I want Nan to come back! Thankfully, Stevie took my mind off Nan’s death with another song, and I’m hoping Stevie will return for another episode before the season is over. I love all the witches, but Fiona is hands down my favorite. Who is your favorite witchypoo?

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